Fresh Year. Fresher Perspective. Freshest Start...

Waleed Ahmar
Dec 31, 2020   •  20 views

2021…. the number that has been in our minds since the start of 2020. How we all have been waiting for it to end and 2021 to begin, how we hoped that the next year all this will be over. But now that 2021 is minutes away, it all seems like nothing is going to be different. Nothing is going to change. Nothing will improve the ongoing situation.

This is not true at all.

This year hasn’t been easy. Some have had hope for a vaccine, some haven’t. Some have partied and some have been house arrest. It’s all been very absurd. Majority have concluded that this year has been the worst and nothing came out of it. It has been tough, not only for the doctors or healthcare workers or nurses but also for the common man who tries to feed his family twice a day.

It is not only COVID19…. riots, protests, assaults, people standing up against what has defied them. This is all the same, only in different faces. The reality being that we suffered…we can suffer anytime and we should be ready. Covid19 is nothing but a loud alarm, a reminder, that is telling you to not to look at what you have lost…but look at what you gained. I can’t guarantee that the next year is gonna be better.

I can assure you this….people are gonna be braver, stronger and a lot more understanding. Now that everyone has seen the ugly reality and truth.

I am thankful for everyone that has been helpful and kind towards me this year, in the time of crisis. Hopefully this new year will bring a lot more joy and less sorrow into our lives. Thank you everyone.