hey there!

I know its been long since I last wrote but this quarantine has been a roller-coaster of different thoughts and I wasn’t sure on what to write. I finally fixated on a topic which I thought would be worth sharing.

Today I wanted to talk about aims and goals in life. Now I know this seems like a really mature and complex thing to be talking about. But according to me the earlier one knows what to do, the better. Personally, I still am not sure on what to do but I have friends who are very straight-forward in what they have to do . And not gonna lie sometimes I do feel bad. Having a clear perspective on what to do is helpful only because the earlier you know you can start preparing and making an effort towards it.

By doing this, the chances of you succeeding in the particular task is quite likely. If you aren’t sure about what to do, you can find your mentors and inspirations, explore your opportunities, seek guidance. Most of all be aware of the time you have left before its too late to start working and preparing for the objective. the response, “I have a great amount of time to think about that stuff” is typically wrong. One wouldn’t realize and time would fly exceptionally fast.

Aims in life are definitely a concept to be a given a thought to. If one isn’t sure how to proceed, he/she should seek guidance from those who are close and trusted.

That’s all for now on this topic. I sincerely hope that somewhere this helped you all and has given you a fresher perspective on this topic. I’ll be writing soon on yet another topic. stay safe and stay healthy ✌