Vishwajeet Jaykar (Musical Artist)

Vishwajeet Jaykar
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Vishwajeet Jaykar ( born : 17 september 2004) is a young musical artist from India. Vishwajeet Jaykar is also owner and founder of Jaykar’s Music Company. His debut song was “Sohenya”. This song is collaboration with a female artist. Vishwajeet Jaykar’s first solo Single was Checkmate. Checkmate song crossed thousands of views on youtube.

Personal life

Vishwajeet Jaykar also known as Jaykar. His real name is Vishwajeet Singh. We have no any information that why he is using the title of Jaykar. Vishwajeet Jaykar’s Sister name Sushmita Jaykar. She’s also a musician.



Vishwajeet Jaykar Started his career in 2020 in a early age of 15. Vishwajeet Jaykar is a Rapper. His debut song was “Sohenya”. Vishwajeet Jaykar is also a social media influencer. Vishwajeet Jaykar writes quotes.He Owns The Pages @vishwajeet.jaykar With Many Opportunities That Come With His Big Number Of Followers. On Instagram He Goes By “Vishwajeet Jaykar” As His Name That Everyone Knows Him By. He Uses His Platform To Gain Influx In Money From Promote Brand And Business.

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A Verified Artist

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He is a Verified Artist on Spotify.

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He is a Verified Artist on jio saavn.

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Vishwajeet Jaykar's Original Songs

Checkmate 2020-

Sohneya 2020 —

Meri Maa ( Mother’s day Special)

Teri Hoon 2020