Let’s understand the science behind ‘Break-Ups’

Day 1 : You met the girl of your dreams today. Everything felt magical. You were hiding behind a pillar, watching her,adoring her, gathering the strength to meet her. Damn, how did I get so lucky ? It was your first time, you had no idea what to say. You felt a deep connection right away.

Day 8 : You watched your first movie together. The funny thing is, you did not watch the movie at all. You had no idea of the world around you. This girl right next to you, she was the only person that mattered right now. You finally kissed her today.

Day 32 : You started messaging her, ranging from ‘Good morning my babyyy’ to ‘I wish I could be with you’ to ‘Lets not sleep today-I want to keep chatting with you’. You started messaging her - every millisecond

Day 65 : You started talking over the phone. Apart from being beautiful, she had such a sweet voice. You would wait all day for the clock to strike 7 - that was when you could finally listen to her magical voice.

Day 84 : The problems that she faced in her life were your problems now. You were her financial adviser. You also helped her to calm down when she was angry. You became a solution provider

Day 104 : You would sneak into her house a few times. The adventure thrilled you. You had her all to yourself & connections were getting deeper. You started the love-making process.

Day 136 : By this time - you woke up thinking about her, spent the day chatting with her & ended the day talking with her over the fphone. ‘I cannot imagine my world without you’. She was literally the world to you

Day 177 : You being a prankster, you got your hands on her phone one day. You started going through the messages

  1. this girl was flirting with other boys too

  2. you felt that painful sting inside you

  3. You still believed that she loved you though

Day 197 : You left a message for her & she didn’t see it. You kept waiting for her reply, but it came back after what felt like eons. You got anxious. “She is Online-but is still not replying?”

Day 203 : She would constantly ignore you these days. You could sense something was fishy. You would leave a zillion messages for her & they would not seen by her. She told you she was talking to a Friend.

Day 241 : They say - the magic very soon fades away. The Magical days were over. Everyday would be a battle. You had that BIG BREAKUP FIGHT

Day 252 : You told her that you were sorry for doubting her, that you couldn’t live without her - but damn - that was a big fight. You did crazy things to bring her back - In this process you lost yourself

Day 345 : You finally accepted that the breakup was official. She wouldn’t reply anymore. You would message her like crazy & would greeted with a block button. You gave up. You told yourself it was over. The story was over

Day 365 : It was really difficult to stop thinking about her. You resisted. You promised yourself you would not think about her anymore.

What’s going on here ? Why can’t you simply erase someone from your memory ?

To understand this, we need to dive deeper into the cranium. We must understand the subconscious mind.

Quality 1 : You are in a state of constant creation. Once you repeatedly do something over & over again - it becomes a habit. This Habit is a program/goal that you have installed in the subconscious mind.

Quality 2 : Your subconscious mind functions for one purpose-to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Quality 3 :Your subconscious mind - doesn’t know real from imagined

  1. Continuously messaging & talking with your partner became a habit. You kept on repeating it until it was a solid program.

  2. You would notice - that you tempted to check the phone every few seconds.That’s the subconscious mind re-running the program for you.

  3. You imagined your partner being with you forever. That was another program.

  4. You set a goal - ‘I am going to be with you forever’ - for your subconscious mind.

  5. Now, although you broke-up, but the programs were perfectly in place. They would run involuntarily-hurting you-stinging you.

  6. The goal was clear - ‘I am going to be with you forever’ - the subconscious mind would work to achieve it.

  7. You tried hard not to think about that person. But, you cannot stop yourself from thinking about something.

Way Out

The only way out, is to re-program your (subconscious) mind. To focus on creating the new. To set new goals for the subconscious. Repeat whatever you wish to become, every single day.

It will take time. The programs you have in place cannot deleted. You can only overpower them with a superior program. The moment you create another program/goal.it is the moment you bail yourself out of this misery.

‘Focus on building the new, not on fighting the old’