We often hear people say life is a beautiful journey. But what is life? If said in a non formal way, life could be referred to as day to day existence of human beings. In their daily lives these people do a number of activities that affect their physical and mental health. As physical health directly relates to wellbeing of human body similarly, mental health refers to proper functioning of brain and its activities. People generally pay a lot attention to their physical health and often ignore their mental health not realising that it is equally important as mental state. One of such mental condition is depression. As we rapidly move forward towards contemporary world, depression is one of the most growing problems. However researchers all over the world are paying great attention to it.

Symptoms of depression-

Depression is feeling of excessive sadness and having a loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities. If life is a colourful actuality, depression is some really dark days. According to world health organisation (WHO) over 350 million people are affected by depression all over the world. Symptoms of depression can be easily distinguished. Symptoms may include unintentional weight loss, insomnia or hypersomnia or inability to think and concentrate. Severe depression may also lead to recurrent thoughts of suicide or suicide attempts. People with depression are observed to have decreased energy, loss in appetite or even reduced sexual desire.

Causes of depression-

Living in a fast growing world and coping with it not an easy task. Depression could be one of the major side effects of that. However, there are a number of factors that lead to excessive anxiety and depression. Some of the prominent causes could be:

1. Depression to genetics:

People have higher risk of depression if their family involves any history of depression. it could be passed on from one generation to another. Researchers are still studying the side effects of genetical depression. Twins or adoption may also be a cause of it.

2. Drugs or alcohol:

It is well known as over usage of drugs and alcohol can have serious health problem. One of such problems is depression. Alcohol and drug history can increase the risk. However, it could be the other way round as well. People suffering from depression may start substance use. Although some drugs are even used to treat the illness. Drugs strictly recommended by doctors should be only used.

3. Medical illness and health problems:

Physical and mental health goes hand in hand. Physical problems can cause depression. Lack of few vitamins lead to the cause. A number of medical conditions like insomnia, chronic illness, chronic pain, thyroid disorders and Addison's disease are some conditions marching towards depression.

4. Female sex hormones:

Females undergo depression about twice as men. Female’s sex hormones could be a reason for that. They are more prone to it when their hormones are in peak that is around menstruation period. It is also observed that risk of depression goes down in women after their menopause.

Types of depression-

The two categories into which depression is divided into based upon the severity of depression is:

1. Major depressive disorder:

The more sever kind of depression is called major depressive disorder. In this case people face intense feeling of sadness and anxiety. It is also referred to as clinical depression because the person suffering from this requires urgent medical attention. It is one of the most common mental disorders in people over 18. However the exact cause of major depressive disorder is still unknown.

2. Persistent depressive disorder:

The chronic form of depression is known as persistent depressive disorder. It causes continues laps of sadness. The feeling in this kind of depression can cause major mood swings and physical dysfunctions. A series of medication and therapy could a great help to the person affected.

Its cure and treatment-

Depression is a mental condition that can be cured if taken proper care of. A number of medications and exercising can help in coping up with it. Many people are also advised to see a physiatrist to deal with clinical depression. People also go for antidepressant which. Although excessive use of antidepressant can lead to health problems. Taking proper diet and foods can turn put pretty effective as well. Some acids derived from food such as salmon, tuna and folic acids provide an ease. Doctors even recommend physiotherapy. Different types of physiotherapies are taken by patients based on their cruciality. Also there are proper therapies available to provide relief to a depressed person. Showing a little love and care to these people can be great help.

Depression is like any other common illness and can be treated with a little support and care. People deserve to be happy and loved. Once the series of these dark days ends, the life gets on better and normal. So let’s help people around us fight depression for a better tomorrow.



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