Is Adoption A Good Option For A Gay Couple?

Vidhu Rathi
Sep 10, 2019   •  2 views

6th September 2018. This was the day when LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community finally got the rights they deserved by the Indian penal code (IPC) under section 377. Truly a day of great change and immense joy for the entire community and their supporters! It was not easy to get the respect and acceptance they deserved especially in a country like India. LGBT people feel more secure and respected than ever now. We’ve seen lots of couples sharing their love with the society and getting married or living together since the law came out. The dreams of these people of having a family together can now be a reality. But the next big question arises ‘is adoption a good option for a gay couple’?

Out of all the options to conceive gay people generally choose adoption as an option to start a family. But is it the right option to go for it? Well, it is a very debatable topic as it depends on several factors that can’t and shouldn’t be neglected. Gay and lesbian couples face a series of problems while the adoption process. For the starters is finding a gay-friendly adoption agency. Many agencies don’t even welcome same-sex couples and even the ones that do can be biased. Some agencies are even religion-based. These agencies might not even consider gay couples. Hence, choosing the right agency is a necessary step. The next big step is to take care of the adoption laws. Even though having same-sex relations is now legal under Indian IPC, parenting rights are still yet to be given to such couples. No existing law or provision allows a gay or lesbian couple to adopt.

Even if somehow a couple manages to go through all the milestones, the difficulties don’t end there. Many gay couples with successful marriages and families have addressed the problems that they or their kids had to face. The kids with two dads or two moms are more vulnerable to teasing and harassment. It might have a direct attack on their self-esteem and confidence. Excess teasing might even lead to physiological damage. As social workers and courts providing custody rights are well familiar with this situation, the couples often find it difficult to adopt a child. In such situations, social workers and adoption committees allow a gay couple to adopt a child with a mental age well developed that they can give consent if they want to be adopted or not. Same-sex parents may also feel uncomfortable talking about sex with their children and hence, not being able to give proper sex education. Although, this issue can be easily resolved. Communication is key to any healthy relationship and it holds true in this situation as well. It might even be difficult for same-sex parents to explain their relationship status to the school administration while admission of their wards. Getting their kids in a good school can be one of the most challenging steps. Another huge misconception related to kids of homosexual parents is that they are going to turn out to be homosexual as well. Most researches and studies prove that this misconception is baseless. Kids of homosexual parents do not differ from that of heterosexual parents in any way.

One of the great factors of having same-sex parents is that they are more dedicated and concerned with their children. Also, adoption is a great option as it gives a family to a homeless kid. All the love and care a child deserves comes their way in case of an adoption. Also, these kids generally have a clue that they are adopted and feel blessed to have parents. This definitely strengthens the parent-child bond. Another great fact about these children is their high toleration and open-mindedness. Researches have shown that these kids have a higher level of empathy.

One of the things we as a society should keep in mind is that we should make sure to give gay couples all the support and love we can. Living up the challenges of the world with a support group is easier. It is an individual’s choice whom they want to spend their life with and we are no one to question that. Hence, being a helping hand in their journey is a step towards the betterment of society.