Not The Apocalypse Of Our Heaven On Earth!!

Vedamini Shukla
Aug 23, 2019   •  7 views

Popularly known as Heaven on Earth, Jammu and Kashmir can live up to its name if all goes down well in the state. The state which was personified to be the crown for our country like that for a king,enjoyed special status above all other states much like it's symbolism . Very recently, the BJP maestro, Amit Shah announced the abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian constitution which legalized this prestige grant given to the state. One of the most challenging of decisions taken ever in history regarding the state, this move can be a game-changer for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Jammu and Kashmir may be doing well on records covering areas like GDP, Mortality rate, employment,etc. But the people of the state remain to be poor. They remain unemployed, cheated out of basic medical and educational facilities and government schemes run for the betterment of the people. The youth in the state is generally accused of being lured towards terrorism and unfair means of livelihood. But considering there heights of unemployment and status quo, they are left with not much choices.

  • The repudiation of the article will proliferate industry and market in the state. Investors from all over the country will be ready to invest in the whole untouched and unexplored market of Jammu and Kashmir.

  • The tourism sector will see new heights and will thus contribute more in the economy of the state. The cold war type environment in the state has dwindled the tourists interest and visits spectacularly not only from inside the country, but also the western world.

  • Being surrounded by sensitive areas, a large number of youth got killed due to acts of violence by Pakistan based organizations and other terrorist groups. Giving them help and making them educationally and morally strong will benefit India as a whole. Terrorist groups will not get any shield and thus less bloodshed.

  • The youth won't be left to suffer under the monopoly of any political leader. They shall be entitled to choose their own leaders and swipe out the corrupted.

  • India can boost Kashmiri handicrafts department including the famous and expensive Pashmina shawls by allowing the native people a larger market by curbing down the limitations for exports from the state. Also, the departure of handicrafts has been recently doing surprise checking considering the security reasons owing to high tensions in the state. But also on the positive front, NEPC is fighting for state-of-the-art for the handicrafts of the state to help the poor and unemployed people level up their life calibre.

  • The people will feel themselves to be a part of India. Till now,they are bereaved from having being given importance from any Indian government. But now, they shall feel that all the Indians are one and no power can take our unity away from us in the name of religion and terrorism.

A special status or not, if the people of the state feel they are being loved, looked after well,they shall have no issues at all. Tensions prevail because we are not able to convey our message to the entire population.Jammu and Kashmir is the pride of the nation. Thus, empowering the youth shall only help India become a developed country with less bloodshed and more security for peace is all the world wants at the end.