Sacrifice is to give away something you value as important for someone who is important to you. Sacrifice is the evidence of love. You sacrifice things for someone whom you consider worthy enough. Soldiers sacrifice their pleasures and happiness of life, satisfaction to be with family and to live their life with all the plush luxuries of life for the sake of their countrymen. They spend their entire life fighting in the name of their motherland. They even sacrifice their lives and are termed martyrs. Even though they are saluted, honoured, given martyrdom and remembered for years, their sacrifices can never be requited equally.

But what precisely do mother's get when they sacrifice their aspirations and dreams for their children,when her life passes in the whirl of doing sacrifices. She gives up her aims and ambitions of life to make her children capable of achieving success in life and whatever else they strive for. It is equivalent to a soldier's sacrifice in all aspects of it's intensity and love. But she is neither honoured nor saluted. She is simply given the term of a 'mother’. It all goes unnoticed. Is this in any way a reciprocation of love?

Love is considered blind. You know why? Because a mother loves you long before she gets to see your face. She cares for herself just for your sake. She does everything she can to keep you healthy and loved. She cares for you when you can't understand anything to the day she is left so weak that she in unable to understand the things going on around her. This is nothing we actually realize in our day-to-day life.

All through the growing years, a mother stands right in front of her child literally to face all the predicaments of life all by herself. She protects her child from all the negativities of the world. Her child forms the basis of majority the thoughts that revolve in her mind. Her child is all she considers to be her raison d'être. She sacrifices her time and thoughts for her children as if her life revolves around them. She is one of the very few people who on seeing four pieces of pie left for five people, promptly declares that she never savoured for pie. She is the only person who complains of back ache due to sleeping on bed just to make sure that her children get a comfortable sound sleep on bed while she lays on floor. She skips her meals, remains sleep deprived as she has to look after her children. She goes on working continuously with red eyes,dark circles due to sleepless nights and stomach growling due to hunger while at the same time attends to the child's query or problem with a simple,sweet smile and innocence. Such is the love of a mother.

Even though she grows old, a mother’s charisma never fades even if her beauty does. The quantity of white hairs on her head represent the stress and anxiety she has suffered for her child, the pain in her eyes suggest the sleepless nights she has had and the predicaments she had to encounter and fight against solely by herself. Her fragile body and dwindled beauty are the representatives of how much she has kept her child above herself and her health. Behind every line of a mother's cracked feet lies a story of highest dedication, a tale of purest love and care, a story of utmost hard work and a testimony of living sacrifice.

But, it is heart-rending to hear the news about boys beating and harassing their mothers, blaming her for the pains and troubles in his life and torturing life out of her. Well, I would love to question them- Exactly what do you blame her for? For loving you? For caring and sacrificing her dreams for you? For having too much of soul? For being too emotional in matters concerning you or for having too much love to offer? It is you who could not handle her love and her greatness. It is your issue- not hers!

So let us all pleadge today that we will all make our mothers proud of us one day. Her sacrifices will never go wasted and will be regarded as a big investment in giving the world something beautiful. Let us not ignore our mothers today and realize how much she really means to us and shower love on her. Let us not make her repent and not show it that we do not have time for her. Let us not take her for granted like we always have. Let us make sure our mother know how much we value and love her and that our prayers start and end with her name.