Happy Valentines Day To You Honey!

Vedamini Shukla
Feb 17, 2019   •  93 views

This is for all the boys out there. Wish your girl the way she feels impressed with her own choice to choose you. Hereby I give an example for a sweet love message for the love of your life:-

Happy Valentines day to you baby. Our relationship is not the usual ones. Our relationship is the purest and the most unique. This is a sweet love message for you . A naughty yet sweet by nature, you are one of the most beautiful person I ever became friends with. We started off as colleagues. Sooner we became the best of friends. And then we started our relationship. I know it was very difficult for you. I owe you so much for being patient with me since the first day. For teaching me everything and for changing me so much, I owe you everything. Through all my struggles and frustrations, it was only you who stood by me. In all those days I cried, it was your shoulder beside me.

I am so much thankful to God to give me you: His best creation ever. As it is that today we celebrate Valentine's day together as a couple, I want to tell you by trying to put some inarticulate feelings into words that I love you with all my heart and soul. We shall remain together until eternity. Our bond is unbreakable. I shall love you until the day I die and beyond. I pray to God to give me your love in all my next lives to come. I am nothing without you ever because it's you that give life to me sweetheart. It's you that's the moon to my night. I love you so much darling!

Put your heart out in the best way possible to make your girl fall for you once again 😉 Love is all about feelings and the way you express them. A girl loves it when his boy can make her feel his love openly. So make sure you tell her this Valentine the intensity of your love.