Clinical Trials: The Phenomenon For Inventions Of New Medications

Vedamini Shukla
Feb 23, 2019   •  94 views

Clinical trials are observations or research investigations that involves experiments to be performed on the applicants. The people volunteer willingly for such trials.


These clinical trials are aimed at fastening the rate of development of new pharmacological treatments and drugs. They look into the effects and aftereffects of a newly invented drug can create on the patients. Such drugs are tested to give the desired results on the patients. The patients are given various interventions to test the drugs on their safety. It helps in determining if the new drug is more effective than the old ones.

Types of interventions used:

The interventions used in such trials are not restricted to the use of vaccines or other experimental medical devices. They also include behavioural therapies, educational interventions and preventive care strategies.


Such trials are essential as they lead to the development of new drugs and are designed to answer the predicaments and confusions of the biomedical field.


Clinical trials are classified in various categories based on different criterias.

  • Observational trial-

It does not involve much work for the research team as the investigator keeps a track record of the applicants’ health.

  • Investigational trial-

It involves research work where the applicants are given medicine and the investigators keep a close eye on their health and compare it with the applicants who are not given the experimental medications.

Another classification of such trials is based on their purpose.

  • Prevention trials:

These trials include processes to find new ways to prevent a disease. It may include giving supplements of vitamins and minerals to the applicants.

  • Diagnosis trials:

It involves experiments to be able to diagnose any chronic disease at an early stage.

  • Screening trials:

They are aimed at screening the embryonic stage of any disease.

  • Treatment trials:

These include experiments to find out new treatment ways for effective and less time consuming medications.

  • Quality of life trials:

These help to find out new ways to provide comforts to a patient suffering from any chronic disease.

Such trials are not guaranteed and safe. But they play a significant role in the world of medicine and give light to new unconventional means of treatments.