Anime And Its World Of Animation!!

Vedamini Shukla
Jul 12, 2019   •  7 views

So what's basically is anime?

Anime are the Japanese cartoons. They are a lot more than just cartoons. They have a variety of genres, more than anyone would expect from them. These genres include mystery,horror,shounen, romance, crime, fantasy,adventure and many more to name.

Anime forms a large part of my life. From first love to first inspiration, I found all of them in the anime world. The characters are not unreal as they are in the cartoons kids love today in India. Animated charactera are a lot more to learn from. They are strong, have an amazingly agile mind and beautiful physical features. They are real in every way possible. The storyline is also never boring. Each anime is different in it's own way and will give you goosebumps from the start to the end.

One plus point that I feel very important here is that in no anime are the female characters shown less powerful or given less importance for this is very often seen in Indian cartoons or Indian cinema. The females are nowhere lesser than the men in the anime world. They are even at times more beautiful than anyone you could have ever dreamt of and more Herculean than girls generally are in the real world. They are really worth being idolized for this.

The last point is that no matter what, one never loses anything after watching an anime. You learn way more new and interesting stuff that you could never get hold of in your general textbooks. I was in class sixth when I knew about rigor mortis which was taught to us in class tenth. So that's how the scenerio is when you watch an anime.

So, do consider watching an anime for a timepass activity. You would never repent having made that decision. Some animes to start from could be decided though-

Among this, my personal favorite is the Detective conan. So you can start with this for sure in case you are bewildered with which one to choose.