Yesterday is a movie based on the iconic music band of the 60’s era, The Beatles. Slated to release on 28th of June ,2019, it is one of the most awaited movies of this year and is dedicated to The Beatles. But what if their existence vanishes? What if the world no longer knows such a band to have ever set their foot on Earth? What if the Google search no longer identifies such a term? Such is the exciting concept of the movie Yesterday. Millennials shall be duty bound to watch this movie.

The best of all bands: The Beatles is one of the first of music bands to ever create such a worldwide fan following and admiration. All the music bands ever known to the world drew their style of art and presentation taking inspiration from The Beatles.

Quintessential Collaboration:

This movie sees one of the most finest of scriptwriter, Richard Curtis and the unbeatable director, Danny Boyle who is known for the Oscar winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire coming up together for such a fine work.

Musical Ode:

This movie brings more of the soothing classic music of the band to light. It will be a musical treat to the ears.

Historical fiction:

Based on the history, it showcases the songs of the bands in 2019 to bring out their essence in many a ways. One will understand of the state of the United States at that time from the songs

Meaningful songs:

They are not only simple fun songs but each song has a story to tell which is very rare in songs nowadays.


The Beatles rose to fame owing to their versatile songs that suited every mood and every age group. Millennials will learn the importance of being versatile and talented in their art in life.

Belief on life:

The youth today shall learn the importance of never give up attitude. They will learn that life always gives a chance to everyone to rise up. It is up to them to grab the opportunity and rise as a shining star.

Lives of great men:

The millennials should also get to know about the life of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and John Lennon. Not much is known about them to the world. This movie captures many of the unknown details of these admired figures.

Yesterday is a must-watch movie this year for it's beautiful concept and presentation.