The concept of human rights came into existence for the modern era of men. It had no significance for the gone by era of ancient men. It developed from it's embryonic stage to proliferate in the whole of universe. It is the concept of basic rights that every individual on the planet is birth rightfully entitled to. They constitute some fundamental rights of survival and existence. They include the right of life,freedom of expression and liberty, freedom of equality before law as well as social and religious freedoms. They declare that each human shall be given his/her dignity equally. No one shall be treated inferior or superior to anyone. Law shall be the same for everyone. There are 30 rudimentary rights bestowed upon each individual by the Human Rights department. They are:

Right to equality-

It provides every person with the right of being treated equal. They have the freedom of free life.

Freedom from discrimination-

No person shall be discriminated on the basis of his country or any basis of religion or sex.

Right of life-

Each individual has the liberty to live his life his own way. He shall be rightful to live in freedom and security.

Freedom from slavery-

No person can be used for slavery in any part of the world. The practice of slavery trade and enslaving is completely banned and is punishable by law.

Freedom from torture-

No one shall be tortured or mistreated by anyone.

Right to recognition before the law-

Everyone has the right to have a recognition equally everywhere in fromt of the law and nothing else.

Right to equality before the law-

Everyone shall be given protection and equal treatment by law without any discriminations.

Access to justice-

Anyone can approach the law courts in case of their rights’ violation.

Freedom from arbitrary detention-

No one shall be arrested arbitrarily or detented or sent to exile without suitable law intervention.

Right to a fair trial-

Everyone is equally entitled for jurisdiction without partiality of any kind by the law.

Presumption of innocence-

You are termed as innocent till the time you are lawfully proved to be full of guilt. If accused of a crime , everyone has equal right of defense.

Right to privacy-

Everyone has equal right to privacy. They shall neither face interference in issues concerning their family,home nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation.

Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Freedom of movement-

Everyone has equal right of movement. They shall move freely anywhere in their country and leave on their free will. Also they shall be allowed to return.

Right to asylum-

Everyone can seek protection in the lands of another country if they feel unsafe in their own country.

Right to nationality-

Everyone can choose to have a nationality of the country of their choice.

Right to marriage and to found a family-

Every gender has the right to choose their partner by their desire. They shall be legally protected without discrimination of any kind. They can marry anyone of they will when they reach the legal age of marriage.

Right to own property-

Everyone can own things they want. Nobody shall have right to snatch them awat from you.

Freedom of religion or belief-

Everyone has the right to freely choose and practice their religion. They can choose peaceful means to spread their religion.

Freedom of Expression-

Everyone has the right to hold opinions and express them without interference and no one should forbid it in any form or platform.

Freedom of assembly-

You have the right to organize and participate in peaceful meetings without interruption by anyone.

Right to partake in public affairs-

Everyone has equal right to be a significant part of each affair of their country, let it be political or social. Everyone has equal rights over things of public access.

Right to social security-

Everyone is considered a society member and thus have the right to social security as well as social and cultural freedom.

Right to work-

Everyone has the right to work in humane and favourable conditions. Everyone is payable for equal amount for equal work and each person is free to choose their work.

Right to leisure and rest-

Each person working shall have restriction over the working days and they shall be given holidays too.

Right to adequate standard of living-

Everyone shall stand for his/her standard of living for their family. They shall not work or live under unhealthy conditions.

Right to education-

Each person shall be given education to at least the elementary level. They can educate themselves the way they desire without discrimination.

Each person must be aware of these rights and the protection that our constitution offers on grounds of violation of the same for better standard of life and prevention of his/her individual rights.