Dear son,

You may find this letter a little awkward but trust me it is for the better of you. I may have been harsh and rude to you many times

My true intention was never to hurtyou. My arguements and scoldings that you despise are the little things that will set your future right. I am telling you this because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did in my youth. Had everyone at your age been wise. You would understand how much your old man cares for you. I cannot stop you from growing. I shall not even try. But the world out there son, is nothing like rainbows and sunshine. It is a blueish-grey world filled with misery and evil. I have seen the world. I have seen the darker side of humanity. In time you shall discover it for yourself. I am here to prepare you for witnessing the ugly truth because life will bring you down on your knees. It will force you there until you give up. I want you to fall, feel the misery. Stand up with all the will you can muster. And fight back. I am your greatest true friend. I shall help you in every step of life. Only if you let me. So please share your world. Allow me in your pool.

Let me help you swim and rescue when you drown. I am your father, think of me

as a friend.