Our life is a precious amenity gifted to us by our parents and the almighty himself. Just so it happens that we live our life the way we want to and lose our regards and value towards it over time. Sometimes life leads us astray and we lose focus on our life so here are some aspects that we must stress upon to lead a positive life.

Happiness is a prime factor that one can never give enough stress on. It's just that do what makes me happy. Don't stop your quest for happiness for it is the only thing that will last you till the end of your time. That is what will get you through the less joyous and difficult phase of your life. In the entire span of our life you must find that one that gives you joy like no other thing and commit yourself to it for the rest of your life. Sounds easy, but it actually isn't. Life gives us certain opportunities that we need to grasp and hold onto forever.

Health is another important factor that plays a leading role in our life. Now you think that it's so cliché but it really is not. Aren't we all sad and tensed when one of our family or friends is ailing and suffering from any health related issues. Not so bubbly and joyful, are we? That's how much a bad health affects us. Over the years with growing awareness people are more aware about their own health than ever and vegan-ism is at it's peak. For it proves a healthy alternative to life and includes giving up on meat and any animal based product including milk and totally leaning towards a 'plant based' diet. But whatever you are, a vegan or a meat lover it is important to watch over what you eat. As the saying goes - health and happiness go hand in hand, meaning that one cannot truly be happy if they aren't healthy.

Keep your friends and family close for it is our loved ones that keep us grounded and surrounded with all the love. The company you keep helps shape the person you become and you pick a habit or two from them over the years; not necessarily bad but good as well. No friend can ever equal the loyalty and security that our own family can provide as there is a reason why people say 'blood is thicker than water'. Our family is a safe haven that we can always back onto and it will always embrace us in their basking warmth.

In order to excel and move forward in life one must always possess a positive outreach toward it. Nothing is everlasting in life. It goes on by as a transient haze, the bad times pass and we need to hold onto the good things that happen to us and make it through the bad. Optimism is the key to a progressive lifestyle.