Have you ever wondered whether "what on earth are am I doing with my life?" or were ever hit by a sudden epiphany that made you question about the purpose of your life.

Us, human beings are strange creatures. We are constantly latching onto the idea of what is the next best thing for us, which probably is a good thing in some aspects of our life but not always. Somehow we fail to grasp the aspect of being content with ourselves.

From our childhood onwards we are assigned what every other thing that we have to achieve in order to feel happy and successful. Be it in the form of good academic performance or at life in general. It was never about 'do what makes you happy' instead it was 'this and this will make you happy' not that I fault any of our parents for that but it's just that we have been accustomed to living inside the box so much that we fail to grasp any concept beyond it.

Today we live in a society where success is measured in relation to others. You are only deemed successful if you have a job with a five figure annual income and it's even better if the figures go on increasing with the passage of time. Success these days is being rounded off in some simple numericals that showcases somebody's bank balance. That's it.

But what about those who dared to think outside the box? Who are not living a miserable life with a huge bank balance but instead are content and happy with what they have and concentrate more on their happiness and well being.

Life is strange for what works out for you might not work out for someone else and vise versa and that's perfectly fine. By no means I'm emphasising that you have no right to have a shot at better life. Of course you do and so does everyone else but not at the cost of happiness. Nothing in life can ever equal to happiness and no matter how much wealth you accumulate in life you cannot take it with you at the end of it. What matters is the legacy that you left behind and what you gave back to the people to remember you by. For people will not remember you with the materialistic things that you left behind but the ideals, the values and the fond memories that you have created with them which has helped them to grow and be a better person than they were yesterday.

Various people have various derivatives of happiness and it does not matter as long as it is not making other people unhappy. We should solely focus on the happiness and well being of our own self as well as others. Magnificent things happen when we don't 'chase' after happiness and just let it be. Chasing after it will end us up in a never ending circle. Contentment in life will lead to being satisfied and happy. That's how one should live their life. Don't worry, be happy.



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Apt wrytup for the current scenario!
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Thanks so much