How To Spend Your Summer Productively

Upasana Tumung
Jul 24, 2019   •  1 view

Don't you get all lazy and bored this summer and mope around in your room. Do something productive with your and make ample use of the time given to you. Eat, go out, get your beauty sleep, rejuvenate and work in your spare time. The work not necessarily being 'work' work but something to keep you going and make you busy.

Flex those muscles you've got and get fit. Summers are a great time to achieve that healthy body as opposed to winter because we feel lethargic and don't want to part with our blankets. Keep in mind that healthy is not a certain body type but a good lifestyle. This summer to get a start wake up early in the morning and go out on a jog or a walk to your nearby park and believe me this will kick start your day. Not only that but it keeps your energy level high and you barely feel any fatigue throughout the day. Not an early riser? You don't have to be. Do some light cardio and stretching or yoga if you prefer after you wake up with some healthy dose of meditation here and there, it'll help you balance out your day.

Set a goal that you plan on achieving this summer. It can be anything that you wouldn't normally do. It helps keep life interesting and makes you grow as a person. Goals are basically anything you aim to achieve in the long run and the amount of sweat and work you invest in it decides your success rates.

Get working on your hobby and see if you can develop anything more out of it. With technological enhancements it is so easy to earn money these days. Numerous people are earning through their hobbies by making a crafting video, putting up a fashion blog,book reviews, making dance videos and the list goes on. The point is to see if you can make something more out of your hobbies. If not it's completely fine too for the important thing is that you tried and of course you are unique in your own special way.

This summer, do something that you haven't done before or try to learn something new. Like learn a new dance form or try your luck in singing. Just do what intrigues you.

It is the season for road trips with friends and a perfect getaway with families to a fancy resort or a hill station. Channel the inner Dora in you explore. If that isn't exciting enough then revamp your look. Get a new haircut or dye it a new shade. Make changes in your wardrobe, throw away your staples and opt for something that you wouldn't usually wear. Florals are great with a dash of pastel for summer by the way.

This holiday season, don't waste away your life. You are only young once in a lifetime. Live you life to the fullness. Make a bucket list and ensure to fulfill them all. Don't worry, just do it. Have a great summer!



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