Technology has never been more affluent if not now. With its vast grasp all over the globe, it has built an impenetrable wall around those who encompass it. Us human beings are the eye witnesses of the extent of changes that technological advancements have brought about in a few decades or so. Globally leading tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft have brought about a massive wave of changes where human beings still caught up in its torrents. They have managed to bring about a vast change in the perspective of the common masses through which they view the world.

From being socially connected to our friends on virtual platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and what not, to creating weapons of mass destruction with the capability of wiping out the entire planet. You name it, technologies have done it. There's no such thing as "impossible" or "unattainable" courtesy to the technological advancements. It has bewitched us all with its affluent influence over all age groups. Not a day goes by when we don't depend on it to push through our daily lives. We are so much realiant on our gadgets that it wouldn't be wrong to say that we are rendered cripple without it.

Originally created to serve humanity faithfully, the impact of technology is two fold. On the brighter side it has made our living quite a lot more easier than it was a couple of decades back. Everything is at the tip of our fingertips - from the lights that operate in our houses to the various types of cuisines we want to be delivered at our doorstep. It's just an array of endless capabilities that doesn't seem to end.

But us human beings sometimes fail to understand that there's a con to ever good thing. Believe it or not but over the years the technology or the space age era that we live in has made a slave out of each one of us and not the vice versa. Courtesy to the technology, ever intimate miniscule details about ourselves can be used to jeopardize us if it reaches the wrong hands. Privacy is very hard to protect these days where anyone can hack into everyone's account and extort private details entailing their financial statements, intimate life etc. Not only that but thanks to technology we live in a virtual era where people prefer online confrontation rather than the traditional way. It greatly impacts one's social skills as today conversations are being held with the aid of emoji and gifs. The younger generations remain aloof from the interpersonal skills that one requires to hold up a good conversation in person. Not a while ago some random online game popped out of nowhere that led to the death, more specifically suicide of countless number of innocent children all over across the world

Countless number of people have lost their lives over the years while completing an online dare given by their friends or while posting a selfie at an unimaginably high altitude. The story goes on.

Being the responsible citizen that we are the responsibility befalls upon us to be sensitive towards this situation and use our aids wisely and judiciously. Nothing is ever all good or bad and same can be applied for technology. We are still yet to figure out whether the technological advancements brought about is a boon or a bane. Keeping in mind about the adverse effects it's causing on the environment one would only suggest that we switch to a sustainable lifestyle and draw from the bits of both worlds ; learn to live a balanced lifestyle not only for oneself but for everyone's sake. For it is only small steps that help us reach the milestone.



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