"Oh you're too fat, you need to shed a few pounds"

"You are so skinny you almost look unhealthy"

"Don't go out in the sun you are too dusky"

These are some of the go to phrases that some of us if not all have heard all our lives. Being a part of this society it expects us to keep up with its dynamic needs regardless of any considerations and sensitivity.

And this is neither a gender specific problem nor limited to any age group. It happens to everybody. People perceive other people by the way they look and if by any chance they fail to meet their expectations we are somewhat disappointed. Sounds vain but true.

And to further add fuel to the fire people perceive beauty on what they see on one of the most popular social platform, none other than 'Instagram' as well as our favorite celebrities on the covers of popular magazines where people are as airbrushed as they come sans any flaws and our under confident selves perceive what we see is true. But what we fail to see is the bigger picture, which is that there is no such notion of being flawless and perfect. Human beings are as imperfect as they come and there is nothing wrong with that.

We get so overwhelmed with everything around us that we fail to understand that the celebrities that we see or the flawless pictures that we see online are results of expertised make up and lots of photoshop, not that there is anything wrong with it but the next time you bad about your own self after looking at such pictures you need to be aware that these pictures are curated specially to strike your fancy and there's involvement of hordes of people including makeup artists, personal stylists, hairdressers, professional photographers, editors etc to result into the outcome that you see.

Beauty comes in every shapes, shades and sizes and everyone is unique in their own particular way. It might sound cliche but have you ever encountered a person who is very attractive by their appearance but their behavior and attitude makes them unappealing? Well there you go, you have your answer and people these days say 'inner beauty' is a myth.

Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin knowing that you have a flaw but it doesn't bother you. Instead it further adds up to your unique personality. Beauty is confidence. Beauty is one's own acceptance. Beauty is about being happy. Beauty is fulfilling.

There is no beauty in negativity and self degradation. It is upliftment, not only of one's own self but also of others. Beauty lies in one's own positivity. So remember this the next time you feel bad about your own self and hate your body. Thick thighs and skinny legs don't matter. What matters is you being aware of your external flaws and choosing to accept them as a part of your own and being happy with it.