13 Reasons Why

This show has won the hearts of many for it's raw and purest portrayal of life itself. Well, especially in the life of Hannah Baker. I'm sure all of us can relate to this story in some extremities or the other as we have been teenagers struggling in high school and dealing with bullying and peer pressure. Although I'd like to warn anyone who is easily triggered by self harm or suicide to not watch this show at all because it will trigger you. This show is an eye opener for everyone out there to seek help for any sort of mental health they are struggling with and seek for a better life.

Stranger Things

This science fiction thriller will take you up on a rollercoaster ride to the upside down with the demogorgons. The story begins with Joyce Byer's son Will getting lost and his friends Mike, Dustin and Lucas begin their quest to find their lost friend and this quest of their's lead them to El who is a special girl gifted with unnatural abilities and skills. Witness the power of friendship and brotherhood and the tumultuous journey to save Hawkins.


This 3 season Netflix series has the perfect amount of drama and mystery. Upon the mysterious death of Jason Blossom the whole town of Riverdale gets into a frenzy and his twin Cheryl Blossom is hell bent upon finding the killer. Things take turns and many things are unveiled in the series where it has the audience on the edge of their seats. With a good dose of romance the audience are acquainted with the ever changing love interests of the main characters ; Betty being hung over Archie then moving onto Jughead Jones whereas Archie is enamoured by heiress Veronica Lodge

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This show happens to be the adapted version of the famous cartoon network show ' Sabrina the teenage witch '. This dark paranormal story is set in the town of Greendale which is right by the river alongside Riverdale. Yes, you are indeed right. Greendale and Riverdale exist in the same universe although magic runs only on one side of the river ; both are derivatives of the infamous Archie comics . It is a coming of age story of Sabrina as a half mortal and half witch and deals mainly in the genre of horror and cult.


Revenge has never been more sweeter for Patty Bladdel who was previously bullied for being fat and overweight suddenly turns up into her high school after a long period of break being her new refurbished self. Heads turn mouths gape upon witnessing Patty's new avatar, who managed to turn from drab to fab. With the help of Bob Armstrong a disgraced attorney who has a passion for Pageant coaching sets out on a quest to prove herself to her haters that she is more than just a beautiful face.