Mean Girls

Words fall short for this movie where the iconic Regina George is played by Rachel McAdams. A typical teenage drama where Regina is on top of the high school social ladder, a bully cheerleader who takes the people up on a storm through her mean streak. Might I say, she is one of my favorite antagonist ever.

2. Sex and the city ( I & II)

It was initially an American comedy series which was later transformed into a two part movie due to the immense popularity it managed to gather. It is the story of four socialtes of the uptown New York, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte. Four life long best friends that give us a look into their glamorous lives full of fashion and drama. This show also gathered immense popularity for the unique and individual dressing style of the characters involved in it.

3. To all the boys I've loved before

If you are a lover for chick flicks and rom-com, this movie is just about right for you. The characters of Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky will make you fall for them head over heels. It's a cute little movie that gives nothing else but happiness. Noah Centineo gathered much of his fame through this movie where he became a sensation overnight and a millennia heartthrob.

4. A walk to remember

This movie is a 2002 coming of age romantic tragedy that will leave your heart broken but will still give you hope for true love. It showcases the story of the rare soulmate, Jamie and Landon. Their love will leave you enthralled and at the same time make your wish what kind of pain love gives you, like a sweet ache. Not evident but always there. It's one my personal favorite and makes me weep everytime I watch it, unsure of whether the tears are of joy or sadness. This movie has such transcending capabilities that holds a grip over your emotions. It leaves space for the viewer to have their own interpretations. They can view it in an optimistic manner or feel heartbroken over the loss and mourn in the tragedy.

5. Me before you

Can't get enough of A Walk to remember ? Don't worry this movie will feed your masochistic desires of watching romantic tragedies. This movie is an adaptation of the famous novel by the same by author Jojo Moyes with sequels of its own. Louisa Clark and Will Traynor are star crossed soulmates who's bond will make you question : Is love ever enough? Buckle up your hearts and get ready for the sweet heartbreak.

6. Confessions of a shopaholic

Watch Rebecca Bloomwood battle her shopaholic desires. As sometimes addictions such these prove to be fatal for your financial situation and love life. With her debts piling up and a newly prospering love life and her unusual shopping tendencies, she tries to juggle them in her life and fails miserably. It's only the question about what you love the most.