Friends, we all know about Blogger, Wordpress and the blogs we can create with them. Wordpress blog development becomes little complicated for new and less techfriendly people. Blogger too has interface which a novice and less techfriendly user finds difficult. He/She has a doubt in mind and it results in asking for help. Sometimes, it happens that might be any of your relatives or family members have a passion to read and write. But, some people always hesitate to use the blogging websites because they think that the process is tiresome. I have been using a very user friendly website since a month. There is only one and a new website on the Internet which solves all the above problems and its --> WRYTIN !

Wrytin is a website which is very user friendly. Before proceeding let us become familiar with some terminologies to be used at Wrytin:

  • A blog/article is called "Wrytup"

  • You don't "Write" here. You "Wryt" here.

  • If you "Wryt" then you are a "Wryter".

Wryt the fact:) There are no advertisements allowed to disturb you. It takes care that it won't disturb you from it's side. Such a natural thought for the budding wryters.

So, if you are passionate about wryting and you want to stick to the point, Wrytin is for you!

If you wish that you should bring the wryting talent of your loved ones without much tiresome process then Wrytin is for you!

Just Signup->Login and Start Wryting!

Wryt the fact:) Wrytin has a mobile friendly user interface. It makes it easy for people who cannot afford computers and laptops. 

All about Wrytin UI:

The logo is followed by search box where you can find "Wryters" as well as "Wrytups". You can either login if you already have created your account or you can signup. How? Let's see.

You can sign up with Facebook or a Google account or by filling some details. Complete the signup and be ready to login and explore the arena of Wryting. Come on..let's Login!

After you Login, you'll see something;the welcome page. This page presents to you the world of wrytups. It starts with recommending personalised wrytups followed by informative wrytups ( hurry up! complete reading this informative wrytup and explore the world of various topics..) on each and every topic.

So, as you can see after you login it will indicate by displaying your photo. Remember, it's your profile. What is there in a profile? Come on, let's explore one by one.

So, finally this is the profile. The profile can be edited anytime you want. It displays your name, your about, profile views, no. of Wrytups wrytten and other details like your home, school and college. You can add your own profile picture. Above your name, there are options provided while editing about including the link to your social websites account. So, it depends upon you what information you have to fill. And last but not the least are the "Wrytups". It doesn't matter how many "wrytups" you "wryt" but they will be displayed in a neat manner on your profile. But before the "Wrytup" is displayed, let us understand how to "wryt" a "wrytup"!

Just click on the "Wryt" button with a pen and a paper symbol on the menu bar.

And now...be ready....Khul jaa Wryt Wryt! And this is your arena!

This is very simple.

So, the options provided are short and sweet. I think that the objective is to be precise, neat and clean. Let us get famililar with the options provided.

  • Title: It is the title of your wrytup. Make sure it's effective.

  • H2: It is the heading largest heading available. Below is the demonstration.

Heading 2

  • H3: It is the second largest heading available. Below is the demonstration.

Heading 3

  • Bold Italic Strike

  • Quotes: This is an amazing feature. It makes your quote look outstanding. Let's see.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
The next one is this which helps you to specifically present the important information. Such features of Wrytin helps us to stick to the point.
  • Numbering

  1. number1

  2. number 2

  • Bullet: Just Bullet it to make it look detailed.

  • Subscript

  • Superscript

  • Link: If you write " Google " and if you want that if a user click's on the word " Google " he/she should be redirected to Wikipedia's page about Google. So, you have to just select the word and click on the "Link" option provided, just paste the link and then your word will be linked. It's very simple :)

  • Insert image option.

  • Insert video option.

  • Go to the next line option.

  • And.....the last option removes all the formatting options and other options used before.

When you'll complete wryting the wrytup, you can add a thumbnail for your wrytup. There are default and custom thumbnail options available. Custom thumbnail is nothing but the option to upload the image of your own choice. Adding a custom thumbnail is always the best choice. And, finally you have to Save your wrytup to complete it. Now, let's see a wrytup page and options available there.

This is the wrytup. You can read it using the cool user interface provided. You can also share the wrtups on social media platforms. People can like the wrytups using the like button. Also, they can visit your profile. In the very right, Wrytin recommends similar wrytups to the current wrytup. Hence, it becomes easy to read as per one's taste. But, this is not the only thing.

If someone wants to compliment your wrytup they can do that using the Discussion option provided. A user can delete or edit his/her own comment. Isn't it verrrrrrrry simple!

But, how would you know about others liking or commenting on your wrytups, your views milestone,etc.

Don't worry! The notification bell is there to indicate these stuffs. "Tung Tunggg.."~

So, if you have opened your account in the machine which is not yours, then you should simply logout. Remember, keep your account details safe with you. Freedom of expression is very important. It matters what you say. Right? So....LOGOUT!

So, from now on, everytime after "Wryting" your "Wrytup" post it on "Wrtyin" and feel cool as a "Wryter"!

So, the below links will help you know more

About Wrytin Privacy and Terms respectively ;)


Regards :) Tushar Kadam.



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