Crucial Things To Keep In Mind During Admissions

Tushar D Kadam
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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
We all make mistakes. But we learn from them. But, sometimes to save your time and energy it is efficient to learn from experiences and mistakes of others. Below I have listed some points which are very crucial in general for any admission process. Take time to read. It is going to effect you life.

Things to keep in mind before any admission process:

  • Know yourself, your marks, your rank and then plan your admission.

  • Keep yourself updated with the dates of the online admission process i.e. first round, second round,etc.

  • Analyze the data from the official websites which provide cutoff marks. Download the files and keep finding everthing related to your rank. Find/Search options are available everywhere. Finally, make a list of all the colleges which you feel you may get. For example, the below mentioned link is about cutoff ranks of colleges offered through josaa. Your admission website will also have similar kind of information.

  • Finally while filling the admission form, prioritize the colleges according to which you want the most. Even if there is no probability that you'll not get any college, you can take the risk to fill. But, fill the rest of the form according to the data you have prepared for yourself.

Note: The above image is specific to JoSAA but the terms are general.

  • Be aware of the float , freeze and slide options. This helps you a lot. Also, be aware of the reporting centers. The name of reporting centers for document submissions are always available at the online admission website.

  • If there are some colleges which you can physically visit, then don't hesisitate. Visit and develop your opinion.


  • If any college is very far away from your place, search for people belonging to there on quora, linkedin, facebook, instagram, google search. Normally, if you enter "xyz college" in search box, you'll get all the pages and people related to that keyword. So, be smart. communicate effectively and grab the information.


Keep the following documents ready (if you don't have these documents then hurry and get them) and scanned copies ready at least 5 days before the admission process:


Note: Different admissions may require different sets of documents. Get the precise list at your online admission portal. The below is the list mentioned in general.

a. Marksheet

b. Passing certificate

c. Caste certificate (if any)

d. Caste validity certificate (if any)

e. EWS certificate (if any)

f. Non-creamy layer certificate (if any)

g. Admission letter/Acceptance letter(after getting the seat) sorry :)

h. Demand Draft(depends on the type of admission)

i. Latest photograph

g. Scanned copy of signature

h. Domicile certificate ( if required)

i. Aadhar card

j. Pan card

k. Income certificate

l. Disablility certificate


Some crucial tips:

All the documents can be scanned using scanner(but local shopkeepers charge more money for each copy). So, download CamScanner app. Make sure that you scan the document using good quality camera. Scan each and every document. You can save in jpg as well as pdf format.

Save the scanned copies in two to three different folders in your computer. Also, upload all the scanned copies on the google drive. This will help you to download the documents from anywhere. And, in case of your photograph, if possible, remember to take the soft copy of your digital photograph from the photographer because in case if you cannot find your photograph you'll have the soft copy and the only thing you have to do is find the photo or xerox shop nearby.


Remember, in online admission process, the student is asked to upload the scanned copy. So, make sure that each of your document's scanned copy is in pdf or jpg/jpeg format because these formats are very common. Again, the scanned copies should not be too large in size. The websites mention constraints like x kbs or x mbs. So, if your original copy is large than the required/mentioned size, then compress the scanned copy using online document compressing sites available.

To find the websites where you can compress the documents, just type " online pdf/jpeg/jpg compressor". Try any of the search results. Upload your document and after the document is compressed just check whether it has been compressed to the size required by the online admission website. If the size if fine, then make a separate folder for all copies which are of appropriate size. It might happen that even after compressing the document is not compressed to the required size. So, keep trying another size on the output received from the previous compressing sites. The earlier you start the lesser you need to worry.

If there is need of any demand draft then complete this process in advance. Don't forget to take the xerox copies of each and every document(at least 3 sets). Be aware of the bank timings and every related stuff. Don't forget to open your bank account in any nationalised bank. I prefer State Bank of India. Keep yourself updated with SBI Collect and other online banking options.



Things to keep in mind at the admission centre:

a. Reach the admission centre at least before an hour.

b. It may happen that you may forget some documents or some work. So, prepare a checklist in advance.

c. Check if you have everything required for the admission process.

d. Ask anyone if there is a nearby xerox shop. Even if you are ready with everything, this may help you a lot.

e. Arrange the documents in order as mentioned on the board's website. At this moment, only keep the required documents in your hand. Keep rest of the documents in the folder. Be precise :)

f. Keep glue/gum, scissor,pen,pencil,scale and stapler with you.

g. Keep the powerbank and your mobile charger with you.(this is for your personal benefit). You may need to email anything at any time. We can't predict what can happen. So, keep your mobile charged. Also, keep currency change with you.

h. If it is summer, then keep yourself hydrated and take care of your health.

i. Most important: Be confident! TU SHER HAIN!


HEy GuYs! If you feel that if there are any more requirements or if you have any query then feel free to comment.



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