It's Your 10th Std Result Today? Stay Cool And Read This.

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All the best for your results! But, first read this.

Kamyaab nahi kaabil bano, kamyaabi jhak maarke piche aayegi. - Baba Ranchhoddas

This famous dialogue of Three idiots movie isn't only for fun. It's been 6 years I've completed my 10th. I have experienced the importance of the dialogue.


Some of you might have planned to choose Arts, Commerce or Science stream. Some of you might have joined coaching classes for competitive examinations. Some of you are planning to do diploma. Some of you might have chosen the stream only because your family want you to do. It doesn't matter who you are. But, it matters that there are some random things I would like to share with you which might help you in the future.


As a big brother, I would like you all to know some important things which will really matter in your life.

10th standard is only a path to choose the professional streams of your life. It might happen that you may not get good marks. There might be many factors responsible for this. But, this is not the end. Even if you get the less marks, you've not failed. We never fail. We only improve. Finding chance to improve and self analysis now is the best time to do so. It's important that you chill. We all know MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Ajit Doval, Amitabh Bacchan, Baba Amte..Right? No one knows their 10th std marks. But, their qualities of humility, dealing situations with calmness, dedication to work, etc make them extraordinary. Life is not dependent on marks. So, it's time to analyse yourself even if you top the class. Because, everyone is at the same level now. Believe me, it's true.


Be a fighter. Fight with the situations and get your work done. Be "Kaabil" not "Kamyaab". Kaabiliyat will ensure that you survive in every situation. So, ultimately you'll be "Kamyaab". It's about how you win over yourself.

Again, This is important!

Marks do matter but not at the cost of mental peace. 10th was the past. But, the future is vast. You have crucial two years of 11th and 12th in your hand. Focus on understanding the subject matter rather than rote learning. Ask questions. Don't shy. People will laugh. But, at the end you'll be the winner because it's you who can help you to overcome your fear. Learn typing skills and every necessary skill. There is no perfect time to learn anything. Love your extracurricular activities. Marks and activities have no relation. Learn to manage both these and excel. But, don't multitask. Do one work at a time.

Rishtedaars are more eager to know your marks. Be matured. Learn to face people. Don't get demotivated by anyone's word. You are a champion. You know what you are and how you have the ability to improve and excel. Marks and toppers are only the hallucinations of Indian Education System. It is crucial how you change your destiny from this point.

Sharma ji ka beta got no chill. Hahahaha!

When talent doesn't work hard, hard work beats talent.

It is not that marks don't matter. Marks do matter. They are the basic requirements to promote yourself to the next grade. So, take this positively. Don't create a negative image of marks in your mind. Remember, if you revise regularly and get your doubts cleared, there will be high chances for you to get good marks. But, remember that marks are the outcome. Bhagvadgeeta has a shlok in it:

I have experienced this. If you will think about the outcome while doing the work, you'll encounter chinta i.e. worry. Love your work. Give enough time for it. It's important that you should enjoy your life. But, there may be certain situations where your work is remaining and you know that hanging out will leave the work incomplete. But, it's your choice which will decide what you'll get. Read more shlokas from Bhagvadgeeta when you are in doubt. Also, develop the habit or reading. Start from the novels of the subjects you like. Reading anything is always beneficial.

Motivational videos never help. Learn to observe the people around you. Know their story. It will definitely motivate you and one day your habits and achievements will motivate you to do better.


Hey, I would like to clap for you because I know that you have read till here and you are developing a positive mindset. You have developed some special hobbies. Retain them and continue cherishing them. Make friends. But, choose them wisely.

Don't only watch MS. Dhoni, analyse him and see how he responds to difficult situations.

Deepika is a beautiful lady. But, she was 18 years old when she left her home and came to Mumbai with only a bag of clothes. She struggled and struggled and struggled harder.

Her struggle is the reason why she is the top actress of Bollywood. She also faced depression. But, she overcomed it.

You have to learn this. Girls, Virat Kohli is handsome, Right? Indeed he is. But, there is a long story how he has achieved this. After the 2011 worldcup, Kohli felt that he isn't fit. He decided to gain ultimate level of fitness and the world is the evidence of his transformation. There is no doubt about his professional behaviour. He is ultimate cricketer. But, it takes dedication to practice each and every shot a number of times and then excel. No doubt, he will score more than 100 100s. Because, he targets to excel. He loves "Kaabiliyat". Ultimately, he is "kamyaab".

Great Scientist Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar comes from a very poor family background. It was his choice whether to give excuses or to keep trying. He received many fellowships and honors. But, this was definitely not easy for him. He kept trying and he is the most celebrated scientists of India. Do read about him.

Lata Mangeshkar is my favorite singer. In fact, I love all Mangeshkar siblings. Lata's father died when she was 11. She took the responsibility of her family and started playback singing. She love singing. She loved her work. And that is the reason why we love her.

. have completed reading this wrytup. I appreciate your seriousness.

Remember, it matters what you do with your knowledge. Be more practical. Take time to laugh. Take time to work hard. Take time to love your loved ones. Nothing has changed. Just chill and keep working.

Now, chill and stay calm. You know that what matters is trying. This is just the beginning. Make your plan. Make your story. This was my "Random Mann ki Baat" for you!

Do give your feedback. All the best!



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