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Hi Friends!

After complete first or second year of college, we are asked to do Internship. But, why there is the need to do Internship? We study for a whole year in the college. Right? So, why the college asks us to do Internship? Is this a workload?




Remove all the negative thoughts about Internship. Internship is very very necessary because:

  • Student's focus maximum on theory oriented matter of any subject during the college months. Yes, they are right. Because, in India, you are literally "judged" by your marks. Due to this, the practical knowledge application behaviour is not developed. Yes, student's have practicals. But, they are also for marks. They don't get their own time needed to do some project for their own and playing with the technology. (Yes. There are some extraordinary people who manage to do this.


  • Student's get to know the relation between the real world demand and their academic syllabus(college world). The analysis while doing an Internship helps a student to promote the learning approach.


  • In an Institution, the academic department is their to take care of you. But, while doing the Internship you are accountable for the work you do as well as you are responsible for your own health. This makes a student more reliable.

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  • If a student does a paid Internship, he/she can save the money and use it later. Remember, to get a paid Internship, it is necessary that you keep yourself updated about the technology during the college months. This will really make a difference.


  • While doing an Internship for the first time, the prime focus should be on learning. Remember that, the more mistakes you commit, the more you learn. You won't get a clear idea about the real world application of whatever you have learned in the syllabus of your college.


  • You get a chance to increase your network of people and make a good impression. To make a good impression you have to work really hard.( Don't worry champ, you'll rock :) ) People with a good reputation get good recommendations and they are also recommended. So, if someone recommends you it can also change your life.

Let's understand with an example:

Ruhan had Data Mining course in the fourth semester. The teacher taught every process like collecting the data, cleaning the data, integrating the data, removing outliers, classifying the data, clustering the data, etc. But, there was no or less practical in the semester. So, now, at this stage, Ruhan is aware about the processes. But, his knowledge is of no use in the industry until he knows how to use it.


Here, Internship comes into picture. Now, Ruhan has fresh concepts of Data Mining and he want to apply them. Ruhan applies for an Internship at many places. He is smart. He opens an account at Internshaala and applies for maximum Internships. Also, he finds the contact of the professors of big colleges and mails his request to do Internship under them so that he can learn. Finally, after selection, Ruhan decides to go their and do the Internship. (The duration of Internship can vary.)

Now, what actually will Ruhan do there?

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The professor/company asks Ruhan about the concepts he has learned. They both get to the common point and Ruhan is asked to read some real life research papers or analyse reallife projects of someone from their college or organization. Ruhan is also given reference about a dataset.
Will Ruhan learn in a day?


No, absolutely not. He will read from the sources. He'll try to apply what he has read. He will get famililar with the softwares required. He will take timely help from the professor/company if he is in doubt. He'll slowly slowly try applying things on his own dataset which he was asked to use. Gradually, while implementing, sometimes he will be unaware of what he is doing. Sometimes, he will recollect the concepts taught to him in college and then he will feel good about this. If he will carry on with this small increments, he'll surely do something worthy at the end of his Internship. Most importantly, he'll learn.

So, this was Ruhan.

To get an Internship be aware of the following facts:

  • You should have decent marks.

  • If you have contacts, then it will become easy for you. If not, then build your contacts by searching on the web and having useful converations.

  • Open an account on Internshaala and related websites and keep applying.

  • Be ready with a decent resume. Learn to be a professional.

  • Last but not the least -> Take time to build your skills. Only skills and your determination will beat everything at the end. Even your marks!

So, All the BEST!

Regards, Tushar Kadam :)



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Thanks Deepanshu. I'm glad that you loved it.
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Great Article. Loved It.
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