Disturbing Crime Against Infants

Tushar D Kadam
Jun 15, 2019   •  6 views

India is the nation where even water bodies are called "Maa" i.e. "Mother". But, today's reality is really shocking. A woman has been a target of harassment whether it's the matter of dowry, domestic violence, sexual abuse and never ending other cruel crimes. But, in the developing (?) 21st century our country is witnessing sexual abuse cases against infants. The mentality of the people is degrading day by day. They find no crime in abusing infants. No law is being able to stop them. Their devastating lust is targeting the infants who cannot retaliate. This is very disturbing. The smile on the infant's face should be saved. He Prabhu! Please save this infants. Beti bacha toh lenge, lekin uski ijjat aur sanmaan bhi bachana hoga!

We, as a nation, should get up from the politically presented debates of whatever terms. Our concern should be preventing and completely vanishing such crimes. But, it is really heartbreaking that we have come to the point where we are thinking for the safety of infants. Where are the emotions? Where is the compassion?

The main target infants are from the poor family. The cruel criminals are actually cowards. This bastards think they are smart and they can do anything easily. Also, they blackmail the family members. Family members being poor suffer a great dilemma. In most cases observed, the crime is committed by some of the relatives. This is a great matter of concern for human relations. From now on, I think that, every parent will have a doubt about every person. The peace is slowly becoming volatile. Compassion has lost its roots and lust has overtaken it. The situation is really sad. The parents of the victim think that it's a drawback on their side. They aren't able to live a normal life again. First poverty and now cruelty. The poor in Indian is suffering a lot. Crimes are also happening in every level of the society.

It is the time to think about this situation in detail. But, thinking about this pierces the heart. It is unbelieveable and unimaginable to learn about the growing cruelties. An infant girl deserves to smile. She deserves to bleed only after puberty. No one has the right to disturb the dignity of any other person. I mean come on! The child's world is completely different. She has not learned words. She cannot speak. She cannot complain. How can we as a society let this happen to her?

It is very difficult to believe that these types of crimes are happening around us. A girl in the 21st century can touch the horizons. But, let her live with dignity :(

I've wrote a poem out of this sadness. But, this poem is not for literature. It is written in Hindi. Please think about this.


रे बेटी तेरे पथ पर

क्यों रे इतने काटें है?

क्यों तुझको ही इस दुनिया ने

चुन चुनकर संकट बांटे हैं।

रे बेटी बचाने तुझको

यू लाखों कानून बनाए हैं।

लेकिन इस नवयुग में

और घोर से संकट आए हैं!

रे बेटी तू गर्भ से

बाहर तो नन्ही आयी हैं।

लेकिन ये दुनिया की हैवानी

इंसानियत की कसाई हैं।

रे बेटी मर जाता हूं

हर पल तेरी चीखें सुनकर।

तू नन्ही सी हैं छोटी सी

नज़रों से रहती डर डर कर।

रे बेटी तूने तो अबतक

समझे नहीं थे लोग रे।

नन्ही परी के माथे पर

ऊपरवाले क्यों भोग रे?

रे बेटी तू गरीब की

क्या मजहब और क्या धर्म?

तूने जो सिर्फ प्यार दिया

और समाज ने तुझे दुष्कर्म।

रे छोटी अब तू हस्ती हैं

वह पहले जैसी बात नहीं।

मासूमियत थी चेहरे पर

क्यों अब वह जज़बात नहीं!

तू रोती रहती हैं बेटी

यहां मरता रहता हूं मैं।

शायद.....गर्भ में ही नहीं बचाता?

पल पल अब कहता हूं मैं।

लेकिन तू चिंता ना कर

उनको मिलेगी फासी।

बेटी जब होती है जगवालों

तब हर घर जमुना - काशी।

मेरी नन्ही सी जान रे

अब तो शब्दों से अनजान हैं।

तू कविता है मेरे जीवन की

तू ही मेरा सम्मान हैं।

तू ही मेरा सम्मान हैं।

- तुषार कदम (Tushar Kadam :( )

Let's create our own peaceful nation!