Online Lectures - A Bacteria Or A Virus?

Aanchal Mishra
Aug 11, 2020   •  11 views

Every student and teacher are a part of online lectures amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. When the Coronavirus is replicating and affecting thousand of people, Online lectures are replicated in colleges and schools. Applications such as Zoom, Google Meet & Microsoft Meet version are playing as a way for its transmission.

Teachers and students are on work and everything is done swiftly. But is it really just beneficial or it also consists of some disadvantages? There are many articles sharing advantages and disadvantages as per teachers point of view but what about students? Does this virtual classes made students life easier or its just a imaginary thought?

Let us dive into the ocean of this topic and find it out.

Firstly, we need to agree it is helping to spread education. Students life and academic year 2020-21 isn’t hindered. Teachers are working and their jobs aren’t at stake. In conclusion, along with pharmaceutical and medical industries, the education sector is also proving as a boon for India’s economic growth.

In various institutions, to give the similar effect and to complete the syllabus, schedule is prepared as hectic as it used to be in real time. But then are students getting peace out of this? Let’s imagine -

There is a student sitting on mobile Google meet (Not everyone have access to computers), whatsapp notifications and other apps popping in - Mother calling in between to do household chores - and so on. There are various student building their interpersonal skills through internships and webinars. And then other digital celebrations conducted by colleges.

The further worst thing is bank holidays aren’t considered as holidays. Students are asked to sit for the lectures ignoring the festivals like Janmashtami, Independence Day, Eid and much more.

When the schedule is hectic - Instead of travelling time, institutions are loading students with assignments, then why holidays are been snatched? Why students personal time isn’t considered?

Online lectures are acting as bacteria and proving beneficial for some aspects but then negative virus for rest!



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Nor bacteria neither virus, but love of learning