Write A Diary Entry Of A French Orphan Who Lost His Parents In The Franco Prussian War Based On The Theme -Futility Of War.

Tanishq Upreti
Apr 10, 2020   •  9 views

Dear un Bien aimé,

I wonder where the Prussian wave came from. All this begun just a while ago and you know me. I can not bear the sight of bloodshed but that was not all. I was on one corner under the bed when my house robbed by a group of gangsters, we had never encountered.

I ran away from there with the fear that my parents will never see me again.  However, I managed to creep into my German neighbor's bungalow. You know them very well. Mr. and Mrs. Becker, who hid me under the bed.

It was all god's grace to have such wonderful neighbors. Who knows I might meet my mother again. It has been 2 years since I have seen her and 2 years and a day when our house was just the way it should have been. It was in a carton I managed to find you but the teddy I slept with was all burnt and all that was fine were petty pieces of ash all brown and dark grey.

Mrs. Becker has ever since helped me with my German lessons. She has never made me feel like I am not the daughter from her womb. All is well now and I managed to get admission in a Montessori school. But all I wish is that I and my family get back again. This is why I plan tourism which will help me set limits far beyond and I hope I guide myself to the right path.

Goodbye, I got to learn Geography maps for my lesson tomorrow.



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un bien aime is the french translation for beloved, the girl is in hope that 1 day her parents will come back and she shall receive them, but is unaware of the fact that they might as well have been killed in the Genocide. The supportive neighbors have been comforting her ever since