I often fall short of words

but plenty of them still await their use

I am the perfect cliché to the contemporary writer

because the time left for me to write

Is far less than all the while I took to read

The perk of writing

rests in delivering reality

Not as manipulated;

as it is perceived to be

The world is no round,

it is as flat as it could be,

Resting on one corner was hypocrisy

Which with metaphors and irony,

Shattered humans across plains and seas

Here’s a couplet for me and you

Come back thou the good old days

not without awareness of the forged attitude

but with horizons of rectitude



Profile of Tanishq Upreti
Tanishq Upreti  •  1y  •  Reply
I must say, you got to the depth of the thought I wish every reader did.......
Profile of Samiah Fatima
Samiah Fatima  •  1y  •  Reply
You often fall short of words but the one you use, you use with with all their glory.