Context-Readers,the following text was written during the Corona widespread across the globe and people were forced to quarantine themselves. This was in the midst of this shock, when India had been revolting against the reforms in the constitution(CAA, Article 377, etc) and people begun blaming the pandemic for the stress despite the fact that the normal world was no better.

The biggest relief is when you know you could do nothing about it,

But here we stand amidst the remorse of our fellow beings,

Instead of running from the dawn of truth and reality,

You must realize the silent world in their beds,

Have blemished all that’s left and nothing left behind……..

I neither believe in lord nor it in any kind,

For it’s a cycle of emotion that revolves by,

Yet we say this is the revenge of thee.

But I have known, there is no “crust” inside,

Blood alike, the magma veined,

And what is within, wasn’t washed despite the deadliest hails,

‘Us’ the puppets of logic, its shame to have not understood this straight.

It is not the mud of the Ganga once overflowed,

Or the rocks of the Pacific that tremors a typhoon,

Long have pallets of insecurities and religious barriers lived,

Unlike the peace among st the minds and bliss.

Now does the blind lady see the 3 countries,

In the lap of Allah and where they could be “free”,

Free of the humiliation, clenched by colonial fists,

The fetish of mankind lay in the bard of blood,

Down the Ganga into streams of sluts,

And soon the world shall know, if not Ozymandias,

Today, our so-called elected leaders have the kinged the kings,

Still, they ask

why not for their cruelty, but their wisdom I despair?

A solitary dream and a million minds,

The crop for alone he plights.



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Each word comes with so much detail, concern and intensity and looks you haven't finished yet...Great Job!!Keep sharpening yr craft.