Don't You Think The Writer Is Crazy(No Dude, He Is In Grade 12!!)

Tanishq Upreti
Dec 17, 2020   •  25 views

Just an attempt to make my write up as hard as I could for my readers. It helped me go through the thesaurus after a long long ⌚😀time.

Once accustomed to the state of living, the acrimony, insolence dissipate. In simpler words, I precisely mean that what do you have to loose. Could But, instead of burning like carbon or vaporizing, it sediments within you. This is applicable to those who live in the myth that what ever they achieved is really theirs. By the time one burns it, the tender who do not have the ability to make it through the shrewd ways, cry a million times within.

To those who are wondering if they are dead, no they aren’t. This is because they are afraid to pick steps that might leave the community talking about them and the ones accountable. They care about the physical and mental well-being of the rest over theirs. This ameliorates the crisis, and all goes on forever until actually, their body begins to decay, when they begin to live life. Their body almost forgets that fulfillment of its very own needs is as vital as it is of the rest. So when they do, the body resists any good done to itself.

They can never stand for something they believe because the thoughts they could call their own have taken a back seat. Often when they begin to speak, the acrid, pungent saliva resists them to pour words to thoughts. They have kept shut long enough. Their words spoken are in pungent haste. That is not all. They wish to stay alone but are susceptible to it, of which these sedimentary rocks metamorphosize the pebbles. The strain helps them maneuver, that it is just humans, deep down the line who want to replicate themselves in others.

The same subjects taught all over again. A drowsy start and a pathetic ray of light spoiling it for them, and it's morning again. Lost hopes, yet another sleepless night, and a lost opportunity. All that they are supposed to do, is what they tend to never do. They do not drown the kitten down the river but disappoint it by not being able to swim.

To end I would like you all to see the sky. What do you see? The fungus-like clouds, or the swollen sun burning us imperfectly.