Depressed?Design A Customized Prescription.

Tanishq Upreti
Jun 16, 2020   •  22 views

Note-This has been written during the Pandemic of 2020, a day after after the death of an actor, who left behind an ironical life for the the coming generations.(Due respect for the Captain Cool Chichora)

I genuinely never felt even I would pen down on this. All that has been going around me wasn’t just this way. Not a thought, it’s a bunch of it that provokes the feeling that blends best with what we state as depressing. It is true to date that mental illness wasn’t given the right attention within the society and this timid act of past generations has cost us. The world is not just in annihilation, it's the worst human race can visualize; until D-Day. I am extremely sorry that the people I wish to spread this message might not read it, but just this held me back to not write this earlier. Do we not see, or not know that the world has frozen into for the past 3 months?

The motive of any writer is to drive change and staying home has given me the chance to realize how the 2 forces of life; the positive and negative, have influenced everybody. Always remember,"nothing is permanent in life". Not even this quote. There is always a subtle solution to all the problems faced by us. For instance, one fails in exams. The solution is simple, try it another time. If you are refused by a girl when you tried on her, and you don’t know why she did so, I suggest you ask her instead of just repeating it over and over within yourself and you end up with the most illogical way out. If you have done something wrong in the past, all you need is a while to realize and improve them. Man needs no time travel to solve the issues of the past because life is about testing all possible permutations. Then it is left for you to decide to make newer mistakes or stick to the conventional ones.

I have never felt like you do honestly, but no one really does. It's not the history that aught to repeat itself. Try a dose of this article and you might just feel calm. Read this in bits and pieces but make sure you are done with it within a day. I wish to help you heal yourself, and I am assuming that you are the one I am catering to. Start by taking a recorder and make sure you isolate yourself in a room that is pleasant as per your convenience. As thought by me and I might as well be wrong, convenient physical surroundings help improve a small aspect of your unpleasant attitude towards your surroundings. Now tell me something about yourself. Don’t forget to switch on and switch off the recorder. Speak for 2 minutes and gather all the aspects of life.

Now that I know you, one of the major factors that make you uneasy is somewhere in the discussion, all it requires is a close listening. Now speak on the next topic “WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHEN SOMEONE SAYS NO”. Don’t forget to switch on and switch off the recorder. Speak for 2 minutes and I am sure you are now close to the issue you are facing. It is not easy to speak on the second topic. So make sure you hear the first recording once again. 

Now I will help you with self-introspection.So first you need to know why did ask you the questions above. So imagine your life like that of a gun. The first question was the body of the gun to which all the other parts are attached. The second question is like the trigger("no is a word that relates to almost every pessimistic thought within you, for instance when your teacher says no and refuses to give you marks or a girl refuses your proposal or the worst “a girl on the street just says no and estranges you”) that indicates the root cause of the problem faced with the gun. This might be the scope (the true ambition in one’s life), the grip(the decisions one takes in life), muzzle(efforts put in by an individual), or the magazine(the number of attempts you are left with to overcome the problem). However if the barrel is what limits you from your aim(since the goal is too far fetched), you are likely to persevere and wait patiently until it is close enough.

So now all you need is a pencil and a sheet of paper. If you have been patient enough to read until here, move from the spot you are sitting on. We all know that depression is unique to every individual, unlike other diseases. So shall the diagnosis and treatment.

Now assume you are talking to your friend and listen to the second recording. Help yourself knowing the thoughts that revolved around your brain while you spoke of it. At some point, you will realize that 'No' has a huge impact on one’s life. Now take the pen and paper and try to figure out the aspect of life that has kept your brain occupied for such a long while. Tell what you feel is best and there you are with a customized prescription.