These 2 terms used interchangeably in place of one another, rather as the same terms outlines the “ignorance” that is now an integral part amongst the subject matter of the prevailing curriculum. There lies as much difference between them, as between aggression and grief. I have tried to make these concepts as easy as to how they gradually skid into the society.

Religion was typically developed as a medium to find your inner self. Before I get any further into the in depths of the topic I would like to familiarize you with the term “kattar”. Often used unreasonably behind terms like “musalman” (Muslim), this word means hardcore. We often forget the term “atal” which more or less has the same meaning. We will get back to atal in a short while.

In the recent past to mention when the Hindus celebrated victory on Ayodhya on 9th November 2019. They claimed it to be their land, centuries before there existed the Babri Masjid, which comes out of mention was bombed down to mere pebbles by the Rashtriya Seva Sangh. You mind it, I have chosen my words quite wisely. The motive behind this article lies in gathering the truth spoken and derived from the public. Then using mere logic that for sure will betray the spirit of several “nationalists.”

So, let us get this straight. A body (namely RSS) which was founded by K. B Hegdewar is driven upon the thought of Hindutva which was coined in 1929. It claims Ayodhya to be the land of Hindus with no valid inputs given either by the Archeological Survey of India or its very subjects. Talking of the mass agitation that might validate the points of my worthy opponents. Alas, there have been honor killings in the name of lord( to the extent that houses were burnt by the gas cylinders in Gujrat which the victims paid for to survive I think sir, and not to serve as evidence removal instruments) , so buying human in dozens for a square meal is not a big deal, atleast for RSS. Mind it I have chosen my words very carefully, with utter clarification but don’t wish to hinder from the motivation of this argument. Despite this fact, the Muslims fought for their right yet were suppressed, having fought the 80 per cent against their 12 per cent. How does a radical organization which barely has laid a grip on the Hindu religion, outrage on something they have long ago diverted their beliefs from? Having left the Hindu family, they cannot cook thoughts and be arbitrary with their approaches!

So the Muslims were then(and even today) clenched within the fist of the RSS . Since the unforeseen future was drearier than anyone could think it could be! If not for Allah, but for Pakistan you stand, Lathis on one and back to your land. This is the Hindutva motive, and rising atal “hindu”. So atal is something I discovered is in threat of meaning after Jihad and Kattar, but this time it won’t be Islam that shall initiate it. Hinduism is clear, and very pure in its form. I don’t wish to describe it because Wikipedia, Google can give you the right and “prevailing” information. And by prevailing I have again used the word quite wisely.

And all I have spoken as of now about Hindu have been only the points of difference. Pure, clear, formless, and full of heritage the former. I regard only those who stand by my words to defend them and am against the latter.

Thereby I strongly stand to propose.




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fake leftist liberals association a.k.a dhruv rathee and congress gang , abe o hindus are only in 1 country muslims are in a lot more country, tum sab hindu gods and religion ka mazak udake, fir ye sab likhte ho, sharam karo, hindus will end if you people wont stop spreading fake leftist liberal ideology, ghanta muslims were 8 percent in 1948 and now are 20 percent and the population has grown exponentaily, supress is what happens with hindus in pak not with muslims in india, fake secularity will lead to tampering of this sacred religion, muslim teaches intollerence towards other religions but hindu teaches accept everyone and not love jihad, we should adopt hindutva and we are a hindu rashtra and this is definately not a rightist approach but an equalist approach, ek din yahi tumhe kha jayega fir apne antim sanskar oh sorry, apne burrial me netflix and chill karna, jai rss jai hindu bhak leftist bade aye ravish kumar rathee
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You seem to be afraid my friend, and wish to convince readers that all your acts against Islam and other practices are because you yourself live in threat of existence. Your arguments thereby support all the assaults and rapes that have taken place in India, just because men are afraid that one day a women might come who is much more ambitious than them. Aur mere antim sanskar mein Netflix aur chill ho na ho, Ja Na Gana Mana zaroor goonjega. I thank you for reading my article and giving me an opportunity to state myself much more clearly.