A Father Addresses His Son Of His Divorce And At Last....

Tanishq Upreti
Apr 06, 2020   •  13 views

Its known that divorce is not a simple course of action in one’s life. It remains among st one of the odd decision that one takes in his/her life. Such truths of life are often very easily disclosed to their children. Here a father is unable to turn a new leaf in his relationship and tells his son something he should remain unaware of. The girl he speaks of is dead long ago, and he has not been able to digest this fact. Read it and realize how complicated the string of bond still remains.

Oh, dear son…. listen to my words carefully

I have not rehearsed of this well before but

I saw this girl

No, it wasn’t your mum but the young me

Guess not wrong of what you have known,

But know this for you have no choice but to stay with your mother

Who tolerated me so long,


Oh….my dearest son

My intentions were never bad

But that women came back to me

After 10 years in a dream so real

My eyes oozed not tears but blood

For tears brought relief

But blood symbolized threat


I was a young man and she wished to marry me

Nor had I prospered or earned fame in life

All I had was her by my side

And so was she against

I know not why I narrate this to you

Like the fate of the fable as if true

But justice given blind yet to the one worthy

But you shall know today

The reality, and whom you never met


Since you were born

The dream girl was nowhere to be seen

And one day read by me was an obituary

Dedicated to her…

For law cant hold back the family as an institution

If not love…………please give me back those days

For I have no choice but to stab you

And your chest bleeding

but mine not bleeding yet crying

Seeing you into the death bed

And so will I


The unspoken, innocent ruby lips on your chest

Alike those on D-day

However a father such as me

Having besmeared my palm’

With the blood of not 2 but 3

You, your mother and her

I have lost meaning to life

And am left with

Is this blue nerve surrounding my palm

Aaaaaaand this neeeedle sharp knife