Every one of us are curious about life after death, but still it is not clear to mankind. Many theories, religious beliefs and sayings about these topics are present. People find it difficult to reach a conclusion about death and afterlife. The concept life after death simply is a belief that essential part of a human's identity will continue even after death. There are many concepts related to afterlife. How is this possible?

For some people they believe in existence of God and heaven. It is the absolute life changing hope that strengthen them and give them peace. According to Indian Nirvana, the entire soul of an individual will live even after death. In some other beliefs, the individual may reborn after death. They will have no memory or idea about their past life. These views are mostly derived from religion, esotericism and metaphysics. There are different metaphysical concepts.

  • Reincarnation

It is the concept that the living being starts a new life after death in another body. It is often referred to as rebirth. This idea is found in many ancient cultures among tribal societies of Australia,East Asia and America.

The meaning of the word reincarnation means 'enter the flesh again'. The other name is transmigration implying migration from one place to another. It is mentioned in Indian Sanskrit as punarjanman. Many Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism etc. also talks about reincarnation.

  • Heaven and Hell

Heaven is a cosmological place where gods or saints are said to originate. According to the belief the person after completing his earthly life can enter heavenly life. It is described as a higher holy paradise whereas hell is an underworld low place. Human beings after death can acess either hell or heaven based on divinity, goodness, faith and right beliefs.

Illustration of divine heaven

According to Indian religions, heaven is named as svarga loka. There are seven positive and seven negative regions. Hell in many religions is a place of punishment. It is located as a place under earth.

From these concepts we can reach a conclusion that, life after death can neither be proved nor be disproved. In order to prove or disprove this a person has to undergo physical death. So there is no actual evidence about afterlife. Also while addressing the question of life after death we may met with other questions like, 'why do we exist? ', 'what is our purpose? ' etc. So life after death still remains as a question.