The Wedding Season - 8 Things Your Business Should Be Ready For

Sushmita Mallick
Oct 09, 2020   •  10 views

Isn't it so difficult to deal with the work pressure during the wedding season? Even 24 hours a day may come off to be insufficient. Want to know how you can manage this pressure in the coming wedding season? Then you are in the right place!

"My Big Fat Wedding" isn't just a movie in India. It's a part of the 'Wedding Culture'. Weddings everywhere involve a little chaos and a lot of clear-headed planning. But in India, weddings are a beautiful concoction of rituals, apparels, photoshoots, food, and fun with loved ones.

Indian weddings do not just involve the couple or their families. Almost everyone associated with the couple gets involved in the ceremony. So it's not hard to imagine how difficult it can be to manage such events. Every business associated with weddings goes through a lot of pressure during the wedding season.

So here I'm going to discuss what such businesses need to be prepared for before the wedding season hits the calendar -

1. Last-Min Bookings

Last min bookings are really common, especially during the peak of the wedding season. Online payment allows you to accept last minute bookings and also show your customers their booking status. Our payment system keeps track of all your transactions helping you maintaining your orders.

2. Payment Modes

Your business can use an online booking system and have multiple payment modes at your disposal. During this hectic wedding season, you and your business can use our portal to not only provide different payment options to your customers but also keep records of all those transactions is one place.

3. Dealing With Remote Customers Around The Clock

Get access to your customer 24/7. In this wedding season, a business needs to remain connected to its customers all the time. Your customers can make their payments and book your services any time with a few clicks of a button from anywhere. Don't let your business be restricted by office hours.

4. Customers Residing in Different States

Going online will give your business and your customers greater flexibility. They can make their payments and bookings at a convenient time. It gives you the option to automatically accept and plan your services accordingly. Providing your customers the ease of transactions increases customer satisfaction and also help in sales.

Also, you can manage your business accounts and services from anywhere in the world. Simply log in with your credentials, and you are good to go. You can manage, orchestrate, and conduct your business even when you are not near your store.

5. Redoing Orders and Cancellations

Having a change in the list of order or a total cancellation of the same isn't something new. As a business, you should be ready to utilise the work done for one client in the task list of another. With the use of online payment, you would no longer need to pay another person to keep track of your transactions. Our portal can keep track of all your transactions done through us making it easier for you to manage and keep records of your business.

6. Faster Delivery of Products in Rush Orders

If your business deals with things like apparels, clothes or shoes and so on then you must have felt the heat of rush orders especially in the wedding season. Going online will give your business the much-needed order in the chaos that is the Indian wedding season. It will help you manage your products and deliver them to the customers faster and effortlessly. Faster delivery of products also ensure greater customer satisfaction which is great for the sales of the business.

7. Loss of Paperwork

Loss of receipts and paperwork is one of the most unfortunate things that can happen to a business and can incur huge losses. I would suggest businesses to go completely paperless with our bookkeeping solutions. You can keep track of all the past transactions and maintain your records with us, safe and smart. You can also provide your customers with online receipts, reducing paper wastage and provide them with a more long-lasting transaction record.

8. Shortage of Staff

Imagine having lots of deals in the wedding season but not enough staff to share your workload with! It does not require me to point out how important it is to have enough staff for a business to execute it's work properly. Going online can not only save you from the hassle of recruiting extra staff but also help you cut your costs down. Going online will allow you to invest the resources meant for staff in other domains.

Still waiting in the ATM line? Forget it and go online! Online payments are fast, secure, and saves you the struggle and time of dealing in cash or cheques. If you are not already online, then join up fast and reduce a bit of that pressure from your shoulders!