5 And A Half Ways To Move On In Life

Sushmita Mallick
Mar 08, 2021   •  24 views

"Why can't you just move on!"

"Just try to move on. It isn't that difficult."

"It's been too long. You should move on now."

Since you have taken the effort to search your way to this blog, I won't ask you whether you have heard any of these phrases or not. I'm pretty sure you are already tired of hearing the same thing over and over from every "well-wisher".

But then again, you just can't bring yourself up to close that chapter of your life. And it's totally understandable. The mere fact that you have tried to find a way to get over that phase of life is big deal. It's your first step!

I'm not here to tell you to just forget that relationship and move on in life at I'm instant or within days, or months, or any time frame for that matter. What I am going to share with you are the constant efforts that you can take to just turn over a page at a time, before closing the entire chapter.

• But before I do so, I would like to ask you for something.

Please try to smile for once. Just try! Now, look at the mirror. Does the smile seem fake or forced? Then try again!

This is what I mean by constant effort. Try daily. Look how good you look with a smile on your face! No one has the right to take it away from you.

It's time to move on from that bad relationship! So let's look into some ways that can help you to forget about that bad phase of your life and move on.

1. Start A Hobby? No No! Just Try Random Things!

To start a hobby means you have to make a conscious effort to choose something you like and then skilfully learn it. But aren't you tired of this monotony only? So why stick to one thing when the world is full of surprises!

For example try painting today, stitching tomorrow and go for a tour around the city on the next day. Just give yourself some space and your mind some time to heal.

2. Try Not To Overthink Matters.

This is such overused advice that we often tend to ignore it. When we are sad or going through a bad phase in life, like getting over a relationship, we often tend to everything and overanalyse matters. But overthinking is like slow poison.

At first, you won't even realise that it's affecting your mind and personality but over time you would come to realise it.

Easy said than done right? But you have to at least try it once. This is something I have started to practice to stop overthinking and I would like to share it with you. Start writing a diary. Seems too boring? Well, that's the key! It's too boring and consumes energy. So you won't write for as long as you are capable of thinking. P.S - Dont write a gist of it. Write whatever and however you are feeling at the moment in full sentences. I hope penning down your thoughts will help you to exhaust your feelings.

3. Try Communicating With People.

No. Wait. I'm not asking you to cheer up, talk to people and make new friends. I'm just asking you to talk to people. You can do this anonymously also if you want to.

Again, I'm not asking you to invest yourself in another person to move on in life.

I'm just asking you to break the barriers you have built around yourself while you were invested in someone else.

Get on different social media platforms. There are various social media platforms that don't need you to register with details. Try them if you feel like to. But such sites can be very frustrating to handle. So anonymous talking sites aren't something I would recommend wholeheartedly.

Talk about different topics. There must be things that you have an interest in. Sports, movies, cooking, makeup and so on! There must be something and it's time for you to enjoy what you like to do and share it with the world.

4. Give Yourself Some Time.

Isn't the statement simple enough? If I have to put it more simply I would say, make yourself your priority. Disclaimer: I'm not asking you to become selfish and not care for anything in the world except yourself.

What I am asking you for is to give yourself a little attention. Attention that you have felt deprived of in your past from your partner or in general. But you do not need another person to make you feel good, beautiful, handsome or wanted! You can make yourself feel all this by just taking care of yourself.

You must have heard about self-love right? It is basically a state where you appreciate yourself. Self-love is a state when you make conscious efforts to alleviate your physical, spiritual or psychological health. And why is it important you ask? I find the definition quite self-explanatory. You need to be physically healthy to be mentally happy.

But I don't want to leave you with empty information. What use can it be to you if you know what self-love is but don't know how to practice it in real life? So here is a link to more detailed information on self-love and it's practices. Do check it out!

5. Change Your State And Learn To Let Go!

How long do you plan to be so gloomy?

How long do you plan to cry, be irritant, and live recklessly?

I wish you answer as "No more!"

You have to understand that what's over is over. You cannot change things by being distant from other people or lamenting over your situation. All you can do is get out of your room and start taking control of your life.

You have to adapt to life and learn to move on from the past. You can't spend your life thinking about what you lost. However great that person was, you were not compatible or your situations may never align themselves on your favour. So why lament! Take this as an experience. An experience on how life can challenge you and how to emerge victorious every time.

So, wrapping it up, I hope you don't let life slip out of your hand so easily. I hope you manage to move on successfully and live a happier life. I know it's difficult, but it's your life we are talking about. Give yourself some time and think about yourself.

If you have any comments to add on or any suggestions, please leave a note. It would mean a lot. Thank you.