My Dearest Darling - My Sister

Subhasree Das
Jul 12, 2020   •  5 views

Sister , Oh My Elder Sister ,

You Mean Everything to Me ,

You are My Best Friend ,

Together we Cry ,

Together we Smile ,

You are My Love ,

You are My Special Girl ,

You are My Sister too

Your Love is All I Need ,

Everytime I Need !

I Love You !


It's a Song of Love ,

It's a Flow of Ecstasy ,

We have to Steal a Lifetime from this Short Life ,

You're the Current of a River ,

I'm your Shore ,

You're My Support ,

You're My Pillar ,

She's Someone who held my Hand Always ,

In all those Good and Bad Times ,

Knows My Every Needs ,

She's Someone when Sees Me Cry ,

Her Heart Bleeds ,

You are like a flower ,

I'm joined with You like it's Stem ,

You are My Day ,

You are My Dark ,

I Love You to the Moon and Back ,

Let the Mockers , Mock ,

Let the Taunt Givers , Taunt ,

You are Close to My Heart ,


Fun with Sisters ,

The Heart would Fly like Kites ,

All the Relations are those of Heart ,

And There is No Jealousy , No Fights ,

Oh Almighty , Where is My Childhood ?

He Whispered , It Reflects in Her Eyes ,

My Fists Flew in the Air ,

Cause I knew you'd be Always There ,

I will Cherish all the Memories ,

Of Growing Up with You ,

For Sisters form a Lasting Bond ,

That's Unbreakable And True ,

It's the Mild Day of March ,

Every Minute Sweeter than Before ,

Now I am Seventeen ,

You are Twenty-seven ,

Time just passed in a Blink ,

We are Still the Same ,

Never Leave Me in Pain !


My Life with You is a Bliss ,

All the Memories ,

We Together Cherish !

The Perfect Guide that You are ,

Stays Close to me even when Far ,

You just donot have a Pretty Face out There,

But You have Such a Pure Heart that is So Rare,

I've never been so Frank to anyone Before ,

The day you came to my Life then After ,

Thanks for Always being There with Me like a Mother ,

The Best Sister Anyone can Have ,

And That is You My Sweetheart !

I Love You !