The Room 2


"""""Seamus - commented on The Room 2

Thanks very much for the entry. I like the bizarre nature of the story. Because there are so many spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, it really robbed the story of any true impact. I don't want to sound harsh, but when the reader has to guess what every 3rd or 4th word is, it destroys the suspension of disbelief. The suspension of disbelief is crucial in a story of the sort so I think you should have edited this before entering the contest or over the course of the 6 weeks the contest was open. """""

Here is the room, in the house, in the corner of the street. The room has 3 beds in sequence, a window beside each, and the table each before window. Oposite to those beds, there was an another single master bed.

that room was the bed room of a man with two wives. they're living peacefully in that home. it was old bunglaw sold to him. by an dold fellow. hence he was not to all rooms just used a few he felt useful.

on each table there were many old paper cuttings and photographs (old) of a man and to women, by observing them thay understood that even thay wera a man and tow wives family.

there was a store room above the maste bed room and belw was the library. the store room contained many sotre items, which were old so he left it closed.

he just lived on in few rooms.

one day it happened taht on th erequet of his wives thay decided to wander all the rooms. so they entered even the store room. In taht store room there were many shelves and boxes, of them ne shelf was full of pens. they were amazed by this storage or collection pen shelf. thay thaught of taking few pens to use since thay were attractive and lovely.

on that shelf written was one of th enames of the two wives of the old house owner so thay thought that it might have beeen the hooobby of theat woman.

so they took few pens and came out of it.

next day theay went to some placce to visit and after few days they returned . after returning all were tired and slept. after three days theay entered thair routine life.

that morning the man was going out on some work, so both his wives offered him each a pen with love. fine he thought and left out to work. in th emidst of his way he observed some incident and thought to write some poetry as to make a note of it. He took out a pen and found that it has no ink or refill, hence he kept it back in its place and took out the other and wrote it carried on to his work.

after reaching home his wives made him nice dinner with special candle lights and offered him. after dinner wives asked him how was the work he then remembered about the poem he has written.

so he went on to his clothes, took out pens and paper and read on his poem.

I met a friend

After days ten, months ten

Fix my eyes on her

With him she come

her husband, she introduced

Told, she loved her spouse

It happened the week before

He gave a ring for sure.

I was glad to hear

I said with love

And for remembrance

I gave just a pen I had.

Listening to him, they wre happy and ready to sleep. then he remembered of the pen that did not write. he told them and in front of them he took out a pen. but that was writing. which means the pen he gave to them was withoug ink. they felt pity for it and slept.

the next morning he was cleaning his car and found the pen which he gave to his friend he was shocked.

he thought lets try to remember what happened. " whaen he gave her a momento his poem, and pen" she told him even t keep the replica with himself, so she gave him the pen abut that was not writing so he kept it in the car and write with other pen."

so the pen was with himself he took it to his wives and shouwed them that his pen with him.

one of his wife checked it ad openedit . she found a piece of paper in it with letters "WATER". she was shocked.

taking out the paper she cosed the pen, and showed it to others. the other wife took a pen and abserved it. on pen it was written "milk." they thought to search for the whole shelf of pens, but it was night and they were tired of the day's work so they fast asleep.

the nexxt morning the first work they did after breakfast was to search the "pen shelf." with care thay took other pen on wihcin water was written and theay openied it in side which they found milk. was written they found it strange.

the both were silver pens. then one of the wives reversed those papers and found the names of th etwo wives of the owner. old.

they thought some story must be there behind these two silver pens.

the man remembered something he told his wives always that they must mingle themselves in such a manner that they never can be seperated from each other and with him. that is as salt-water


colours of rainbow etc.

he remember it and told them this might be the presento to his each wife from him. they thought it corect and slept in noon.

Of course it was the only thing that happened previously, but something else was there in that room unknown to the man and two wives. "both the old and new."


after the solution was sorted out for pens, they avoided that pen shelf and proceeded their live as previous days. something must be there, thoughts the man since he used to read a lot many of stories, which even included mysteries. he went to the store room one evening to search it without wives. all items were arranged in a serial manner as if it was not store room. he started checking all tables drawyers shelves cardboards boxes etc.

In one cardboard box he found few old diaries, thera are of the lol old man. he took that box to his wives and adviced them just to read them as some sort of novel or stories- thay agreed.

he took the one which was last accont of his livfe. he started reading it.

both my wives with me

I'm alive in their eye

Let, I may die

After a week the old man died. His wives continued his diary.

Though you're in our eye

we can't see

then why should we

be here

thirst of our eye

is only you, to see

we too pass ourselves to you - we

and from next day, there was no notes.

next morning he went out on some work. evening he returned and received a niece feedback from his wives on those diaries. he then tld them about the one he read. they told its fine they might have attempted suicide because, as the love they havve among themselves we read some and just .i.e. the similar we have. Of course.


he said fine if they attempted suicide. but the nexttime they are to the room they found few old newspapers, in them they read that the two old women are killed in car accident. way to home.

why they will kill themselves in road accident, if they are that willing to see him they will suicide at home only???

this was puzzling all three.

they thought to investigate. all went to the old town hall ot het old accidents list. they found and it was true that theay died in accident itself.

fine! accidents may hapen to them. they thught but why'd they go out was the question arised in them. when investigate town hall they found some camera in the case box. they went to photo lab and got their photos.

they find that those females before death roam all the places where they have been with their husband they used to be regularly . after visiting all those places on their way to home the accident happened and it was in the medical report that the woman driving waas happened to geth heart attack and ashed and electric pole. and snapped their last smiles. it was sand ending. but our story is over.

their all photos were assemebled and the amn and his wives published a book with the title the two wives of a man. and all the diaries were involved in it. with their old and new photos. in this wa a story came to light was of the thwo wives of a man. from the one room 2 of men.