Room 3

15-11-12 with a feeling " if i start I will write ""

Room 3

At the lonely corner or dead end of the street was a house, with all four sides open and a ROOM. It was built long ago. Some three generations has passed in that house, fourth one is living there with two daughters read for marriage. In the second generations, the room was built just for some storeroom purpose, but the man of the their generation has

used it for some special purposes. From his childhood he has spent his most of the time in the ROOM. After spending many decades there he must be accounted to that room and he was, but in the last years of his life,.i.e. after the many decades of his death of his father and the early decades of his son and the first decade of his grandchildren/granddaughters, he was afraid of going to the room. For almost a decade he was afraid of that

room but at the end of his life he asked his son to bury him in that room.After his burial his room has become

space for prayers for family.

In one, two or three years he married both his daughters to good, intelligent, character ed son in laws. After this

joyful event of his life has started reminding of his past life from the beginning of the school days.He was making a note

of his best moments as far as he could remember. ""The day came when he reached his father not being in the ROOM.""

this incident puzzled his mind. He was the person, broad minded, active non superstitious modern, friend person.

used to spend a lot of time with his grand children and with books in th RoOM. Wrote a lot of books had even many

tales from his own experience achieved a lot there, prosperity happiness etc.

But suddenly he was not going to that room from that day and asked to be buried in that room at his death.

After few days, our 4th generations man was with his grand children enjoying and after few years he passed away.

There was a neighbor observing from few decades. the empty house now. the neighbors has observed present death

and even previous death. even previous death was but the strange thing was the room where the both are buried and

of the previous man avoided leaved else the room from decade.

the neighbor made few assumptions as the formar made (might have ) that he must not go to the room for rest of his life and the later has no conclusions ( he might have ) but untold.

it happens sometimes that somw people make somw assumptions and follow them till death till date.

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