Interesting Things You Need To Know - The 17th Lok Sabha Elections

Smruthi Vairagare
Mar 11, 2019   •  104 views

With the announcement about the schedule of election on sunday, the whole country seems to be all geared up for the much awaited event. with india being the largest democracy in the world and being the seventh largest country, it is safe to assume that there are a LOT of people expecting to cast their vote. the NDTV said that the the lok sabha elections this year is: "the world's largest democratic exercise"

here are some things you need to know about the 17th lok sabha elections of india:

  1. Those who hold Indian passport, CANNOT now vote online for 2019 elections

to elaborate, whatsapp and other social media seemed to be flooded with messages spreading false news that indian passport holders can now vote online for the 2019 elections. this has been proven to be fake news on the election commission of india's website. the procedure for voting for an overseas elector according to the website is that after he /she has submitted an application for enrolment, he/she is to visit his/her designated Polling station with his Passport and duly cast his/her vote.

2.there are a great number of new voters

with 900 million people already registered to vote, it is interesting to note that according to statistics, 1.5 million of the registered voters will be voting for the first time. and as a result, 10 lakh polling stations have been established by the commission for easy and relaxed voting process.

3. impact of social media on the elections

the popularity and the impact of social media in today's time is no joke. social media has the power today to shape the method of thinking and is an easily available tool for brainwashing the electors. the impact of social media has an intersting role in the coming elections. in an attempt to curb fake news, the comission has allegedly asked various social media platforms to keep strict tabs and take necessary actions against offendors.

"The Internet and Mobile Association of India, in consultation with the Election Commission, is formulating a set of code of ethics for intermediary online platforms. This is work in progress," said the election chief.All political advertisements on social media will need pre-certification to advertise or to campaign for the elections.

4.important dates

it is inrteresting to note that the end term date for the present government is june 3 of 2019 and the results of the elections will be officially announced by the election commission on 23 may of 2019. the respectiveelection dates for different constituencis are varied over different dates as per the schedule released. the first phase starts on 11 april 2019

5.the chief election commissioner

the chief election commissioner for the elections that will be commencing from the 11th of april will be mr. sunil arora. he is the 23rd chief election commissioner of india. "The entire democratic world looks up to it and those countries who are transiting towards democracies, for them this Commission is a beacon of hope. It is with utmost humility and an enormous sense of responsibility that I have just taken over as Chief Election Commissioner" he was quoted saying.