Dreams Don’T Work Unless You Do. Well Sometimes, They Just Don’T.

Simran Kathpal
Jun 04, 2019   •  9 views

We all have our dreams. Some of us want to become millionaires, while the others just want to live a long and healthy life. Well, to be real, who would want to live in sorrows and hardships right? We have never wanted a long life, but a life which has everything, and by everything I mean a house, a car, a beautiful family and of course, money. But then, do we always ask ourselves, are we willing to work hard enough for it? Are we ready to make sacrifices to reach where we want to? Are we even doing nearly enough to achieve what we wish for? But, never ending up with concrete answers, we dodge the questions and try to “live in the moment” hoping everything would turn out to be just fine.

It’s not like we haven’t worked hard ever or we don’t put in our shift, but so far we haven’t really achieved anything that could be considered extraordinary. Underperforming or not getting what’s desired is actually very disheartening, but then, we don’t believe in holding on to stuff or forcing things to happen, rather we let them take their natural course.

Honestly everything, literally everything seems to go wrong with us. We in denial,don't want to believe the situation we are in and after doing everything we possibly could have, we hit a brick wall, our lives take a U-turn and we are back to square one. We seem going back to our monotonous lives we were already leading. Life hit us hard, it all starts looking dark and hazy as we never really have any contingency plans for ourselves. Sometimes our families are in a terrible situation and we are on-board a sinking ship as our lives turn upside down when we least expected it to.

We all talk about how we are willing to sacrifice anything and everything for our family, but when the time comes, are we really? There are people who are still smiling, even after they’ve had to give up everything just because of the circumstances and the times. We need to understand, things don’t always go as planned and we have to deal with it, the longer we cling to it the worse it is going to get for us. Life is not always fair and it certainly is not easy, there will be moments in life which are going to make you blind, everything will be dark and unknown to you, but looking beyond those moments is something we all need to learn.

Sports and life have one thing in common, you never know what’s gonna happen next, the unpredictability is what makes life beautiful. It’s not over till it’s actually over.



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