Will Graphene Change Our Future...

Shobhit Tripathi
Mar 13, 2019   •  100 views

Graphene has the full potential to solve every problem. From drinking water to the usage of
electricity, from preventing our cell phones from breaking to the wireless earphone,
graphene can solve every problem. So how it’s possible that a particle which is micrometer
in size and dimension has the potential to solve every problem? And is this our future?

Graphene was discovered in the year 2004. It is the strongest two-dimensional sheet of a
carbon atom. Graphene is one atom thick sheet of a carbon atom. It is super capacitive,
biodegradable, high electrical conductivity, lightest material and can form any shape. It is
200 times stronger than steel. It can be used to make the base of a supercomputer. It can
also be used to make headphones, unbreakable phones, and chargers, elevators in space,
filters to purify wastewater and many things. It can be used to in batteries, medical scanner,
water filter, bulletproof jackets, planes, trains, supercomputers, automobiles.

Have you ever thought why beer is placed inside glasses instead of plastics? Although it is
easy to cool beer in plastics than in glasses. The reason is plastics is semi-permeable in
nature. But graphene is here as a revolutionized technology which can solve every problem.
A scientist has placed two to three layer of graphene one above the other and concluded
that layer can become airtight by placing them in this pattern.

One of the biggest problems of graphene is its production. Although graphene can be
produced in a laboratory It is too expensive to produce in large scale. A study from 2015,
Nature Communication told about growing of graphene in nanoscale on a copper base. But
from that copper base, they were able to obtain 8*13 mm thin sheet of graphene. But they
told that they can scale it up. In 2017 studies, nature communication detailed how to make
graphene in a single step by heating soya bean oil on a nickel foil. It will force the carbon
atom to arrange in one atom thick sheet of graphene. This method is fast as compared to
others, and it can cut the cost many times than that of the others. the best advantage is this
method is it doesn’t require any medium. Though the biggest sheet of graphene
manufactured till now is almost the size of credit card.

A French Physicist accidentally discovered graphene that is scalable and less expensive. Like the soya bean method, it does not use any chemicals. To create graphene, they accidentally exploded acetylene and oxygen using a spark plug. Acetylene provides carbon that is released after the explosion.

But the problem of this method carbon was not arranged in the layer of the sheet to form
graphene. Another group of researchers from MIT told that graphene usually loses its
properties when arranged in an irregular shape. Therefore in order to maintain the property
of graphene, researchers have developed graphene in an irregular shape.