Spotify and Deezer both are a very popular name in online music streaming. Both Spotify and Deezer charge a small sum every month for accessing their service or even free if you are not irritated with Ads. Here we have compared Spotify and Deezer to see who is at the top of the list.

Discover music:

Music lovers are always searching for new music. Deezer has a cool feature known as Hear This. With the help of Hear This, you can search any album and tracks from artists and listen to them or you can create your favorite playlists. Deezer has 40 million songs in their playlist so you will never be out of any music.

Spotify recommends music based on your taste and helps you to play your favorite track. The best thing about Spotify is the songs are personalized for each user so no user listens to the same song every week.

User Interface:

Deezer has a light, plain and simple design available for desktop and mobile version. Spotify has a dark and complex interface.

Music library:

Spotify has more than 30 million songs in their library which reaches 58 countries. Unlike Spotify, Deezer has more than 40 million songs in their library, which is easily accessible to more than 180 countries.

Audio quality:

If you have not signed up for premium membership then you might face some sound quality issue. Spotify desktop app standard quality is 160kbit/sec. But if you are a premium member then you can enjoy 320kbit/sec quality.

Deezer offers three versions of membership.Free version or Ad version, premium membership, and elite membership. If you haven’t subscribed for premium or elite membership then you have to listen to the low-quality song in 128kbit/sec. But once you buy premium membership then you can enjoy 320kbit/sec quality music. And if you have subscribed for Elite membership then you can enjoy more than 40 million songs at 1411kbit/sec.

Listen Offline:

Spotify premium subscribes let you download and save more than three thousand music available offline for 30 days.

If you have subscribed for Deezer premium membership then you can download and save offline more than 1000 songs in your playlist. You can access to download music even you are out of internet.