Me Too Is A Movement, Not A Moment

Shobhit Tripathi
Feb 18, 2019   •  133 views

Popularised in 2017, me too movement provided a way to help the victims who suffered sexual assault and sexual harassment. This was one of that watershed movement which provided strength to most of the women who couldn’t speak against the wrong. Social media is one of those platforms where people can raise their voice and provide their opinion on sensitive topics. It can be used in order to spread awareness on certain issues which are neglected in our society.

Me too movement provided people the strength to the survivor of the sexual violence and speak against those who assaulted them. It began as a hashtag on Twitter in 2017 after Harvey Weinstein, a renowned Hollywood producer was charged with sexual harassment by 70 women. This movement arrived in India ever since Tanushree Dutta, a Bollywood actress accused Nana Patekar her co-actor for misbehaving with her on the sets of her movie. Me too engulfed the entire entertainment industry and media. Later on, many such incident came out against well-known comedians, actors, politicians, journalists, and businessman. Women protested bravely against the assault at their workplace.

Former AIB comedian Utsav Chakraborty was accused of the sexual harassment by a writer who told that while she complained, no action was taken by the company against him despite complaining several times. This flame of fire also burnt Union Minister MJ Akbar, with six women Journalists accusing him of the sexual assault and violence.

An activist and an advocate Tarana Burke had worked for the integration of sexual violence and racial justice. She wished that she could fight for women rights and their safety. She took a piece of paper and wrote #me too across it and outlaid action plan for the movement. Since then it has become a global movement emphasizing on those who couldn’t speak for themselves in public and exposing all the culprits. She says “we owe future generation nothing less than a world free of sexual violence. I believe that we can”.

This movement has been a silence breaker against all those who had masked their original lewd personality in society. It has ignited the spirits of women to revert back to the injustice done to them. With the help of social media, this movement has helped not only unshielded eminent personalities but also helped the common man to speak up. Me too movement has also helped women reporters who have faced misogyny and sexism and yet they have succeeded in every sphere. I to provide an insight into the hurdles in their way and their liability.



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