How To Properly Promote New Blog Post

Shobhit Tripathi
Feb 19, 2019   •  223 views

Blogs are promoted through passing them to people and for viewers to view them it should have a captivating content. As an interesting story engrosses its readers till the end similarly a well drafted blog naturally promotes itself to its viewers.

Primarily which lures the reader is the posts headline. The alluring its main idea is the more are they read by the people of different genre. Caption is the gist of an article that appeals its audience. Moreover, the keywords used in the post provides a good impression about the blogger and his skills. To promote a blog all you need to have is a traffic site and distinct customers to retweet it. Make your content the king of the blog so that it itself does its marketing.

Facebook, Twitter

Time has the important role to play in our life. And same is applicable for promoting blogs on facebook or on twitter. For promoting blogs on Facebook, try to upload your blog at 1pm to get maximum shares and 3 pm for maximum likes. There are facebook pages and group with huge amount of follower.Sharing your blogs on those pages with have great impact on your traffic.Promote your blog on twitter at right time. For B2B promotions, tweets promoted during business hours have 17 person better response than offtime. For B2C promotions,tweets during weekend have 19 percwent better response than weekdays. Try to make 15-20 tweets daily to promote your blogs.

Pinterest and email marketing

Most of the people are available on Saturday and Sunday on pinterest. So maximum pins should be made between 8-11 pm. Also add 300 characters in your pin in your description.

Accoding to the research, 67 percent of subscribers make purchase from email marketing message. Your mission is to grow your email list. Send your mail to your recipient. Weekdays are the best timr to promote your blogs.Tuesday and thusday have highest probability to attract the people towards your blog.

Email your subscribers to get maximum traffic

Sending a broadcast email to your list as soon as you publish your blog will create maximum traffic. Highlight your main conclusuion with attracting colours will create good impact on viewers.

Promote your blogs on flipboard

Flipboard have mobile app based web platform that has 80millions user. Sign up on flipboard with one tap and start sharing your blogs on Flipboard.

Publish your blog on reddit to get wider exposure

Reddit has sub-reddit in thousands of different niches that allow you to share good quality content even yours .It has the better way to promote your ethe third party tool to promote your blog.

Get linkedin for new people

Sharing content to linkedln group can help new people to discover your blog. Get the rules before sharing and try not to spam.

Sharing images on Pinterest

Images capture more attention than your content written in your blog. M,ake sure that your blog image should be more capturing along with your content to be shared in your blog.Remember pinterest is not for common for every group. It is widely used by women aged 30+. So make sure your blog should have related content which is common by those people.

Get active on Google plus

Sharing your blogs on Google plus among your collegues will not only increase the traffic but also raise the discussion on new topic. This is the best way to attact your blog and get famous in short time.

Target have more than 90 million subscribers. You can easily build your own tumblr blog with SNAP plugin. Tumblr ranks best and will generate traffic on your blog. Your content will have higher probability to get viral. You can also suggest your content to other people blogs and get active participation.



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