Past two-decade was the peak time of the Digital Revolution. Digital marketing is growing exponentially. However, experts believe that many things are yet to be discovered in Digital Marketing. Many things are under-explored. As we become familiar with the latest advancement of technology, we come across a new concept every day. But what can we expect further in the future? Some marketers believe that the internet will expand further and many new companies will develop new technology in Digital space. Search engine giant gives preferences to the amount of data available on the internet.

Video Ads will dominate in the upcoming years. No doubt Video Ads is most popular in digital marketing but in the coming years, digital marketing is going to rely completely on Video Ads. Facebook and YouTube are the oldest popular player in this field. But as time changes competition in the market increases manifold. Tech Giant Google is taking the market of Video Ads. With its SERP video advertising feature, Google is soon going to capture this market. Although Google is getting big competition from Facebook and Instagram in this field, Google is making its best effort to overcome them. YouTube is a famous place for all type of video advertising.

One of the biggest advantages of Video Ads is its compatibility and price. High-value video target at the right audience is the powerful win. Video Ads are the best source to conveying any message to all type of people. Whenever we see high professional ads, the first thought that comes to your mind is how much price these ads pay to Google or Facebook. But the fact is these ads pay 5-10 dollars per day to Google and Facebook for their advertising. You can easily target a much more specific audience. And those are most likely to be interested in your service would pay you much higher cost via various sources like web browsing behavior, financial data, subscription services, credit card purchase and the most important their physical world location.

Over the past few years, Digital marketing is increasing very rapidly. The competition for online space and dominance over the internet will expand further. As demand rises, the cost of advertising will also raise. What matter is the type of content quality in the video ads? After all, content is the ace of digital marketing. High quality and interactive content will attract people.

Digital Space is the area where people like thing that are out of the box. And because of this reason, it would be very hard to predict the future of digital space.