5 Important Life Lesson House Of Cards Taught Us

Shobhit Tripathi
Apr 26, 2019   •  22 views

House of cards is an American political thriller web television series. On the top of the surface, it’s a show with impressive lines, power, greed, sex, and manipulation but on another side, you will learn valuable lessons that will help to improve your life. House of Cards is not only about politics, but it's also beyond that.

  • Go for Power, not for Money

Frank and Claire never go after money as the main motivator. Frank describe money as an object, a side effect, and a motive. Money comes and goes, but power stays as long as you want. Money can buy everything, but power has the potential to control anything. Power brings legacy, leverage, and development in all form of people. Money is nonetheless important, but it comes along the power.

The true finish line should be power, power holds money on its side
  • Relationships are the foundation of your success

The spirited relation between Frank and Claire is flawless of teamwork, coordination, and partnership that relationship is must need. Irrefutable, their relationship is not an ideal by any means, the couple has shared tremendous obstacles and challenges and power struggle with each other. However, the respect, love, honesty, and communication Frank and Claire have for one another serves an example for an unquestionable and healthy relationship for everyone. Frank and Claire are fundamentally different from other people with different goals and lifestyles. They do everything possible to help the other to succeed. #PowerCouple

  • Trust people, but don’t trust everyone

Frank and Claire are very cautious about who they trust like a close friend. Frank and Claire are very careful about everyone around them. Frank ideology is it is foolish to trust everyone. Once Meechum earns Frank and Claire trust, they are opened to him. Trust is the privilege as a necessity.

“I don't trust people who don't love themselves and tell me, 'I love you.' ... There is an African saying which is: Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.”
  • Things are never what they seem

“House of Cards” is a fabulous show full of Ups and downs, corruption and lies, love and compassion, sex and betrayal. The shows demonstrate the reality of power and mistrust, and the hidden realities of media, the government and the people around us.

  • Work with perseverance towards goals

Frank and Claire often skip their sleep to do everything possible to succeed. They didn’t care about anything except success. Frank and Claire are determined, focused and passionate towards their goals. They believe in the importance of achieving success is the pinnacle of their life.