A rather cloudy night it was, the distinct earthy smell of the drizzling rain falling on the soil prevailed in the air. Flashes of lightning rolled across the sky every now and then, followed by a rumbling of thunder. The streets were mostly deserted. Only dimly lit lamp posts stood as solitary figures and one or two people either took shelter under the shade of the closed shops or hurried across the road to catch a cab. Almost every house had gone dark, as it was nearly midnight. Chilling monsoon winds blew and an eerie silence filled the atmosphere. One could hear absolutely nothing, but the occasional thunder and soft music coming from a violin.

Jean played her violin with such poise and grace that it had the power to overwhelm anyone with emotions. She was one of the best and most promising students when it came to music, bagging away awards everywhere she performed. It was like a gift she had. A talented girl since childhood, Jean was now in her early twenties, living alone in her small, but comfortable house in the suburbs.

Every night, like clockwork, she would play and practice her violin, filling the whole street with music. Noone ever complained about it, nor did it bother anyone. It seemed as if it was her melodies music that put everyone to deep slumber.

This night wasn't any different. Jean, who was lost in her own world, played the instrument without making a single mistake. Something others would call 'flawless'. Her hands moved like flowing water, holding the violin with grace and ease. She didn't even notice the time passing.

Eyes closed shut, her body moved with the rhythm. She imagined herself on a stage overlooking the audience, who were enthralled by her music. She was in the spotlight and the whole room was only noticing her. They all stood and applauded as the song finished.

It was some time after midnight when she stopped playing. Putting the violin down, she heaved a sigh and stared ay her reflection in the mirror. Her deep dark eyes were filled with dreams and ambitions.

All of a sudden she was startled by sound coming from inside her closet. A pair of hands clapping softly. Her heart missed a beat at the applause. You see, she lived alone.