Poor Healthcare In Africa And The Way Forward

Sharlin Kate
Oct 14, 2019   •  2 views

Anyone can be intrigued by the beauty of Africa as a continent. But the multifaceted problems it faces due to its health care crisis is beyond the imagination of the developed world. The residents of the continent Africa faces preventable, treatable and fatal diseases at a much higher rate as compared to the developed world. Inefficient and poor healthcare in Africa is the main cause of millions of deaths every year in Africa.

According to reports, some of the main challenges faced by Africa that hampers its health systems are lack of credible and efficient governance, absence of emergency and basic medical facilities, and lack of proper infrastructure and staff in the hospitals and clinics all over Africa.

To address these issues, the first step that almost all nations in Africa need to undertake is to address its socio-economic challenges such as poverty, hunger and lack of infrastructure.

Following are the 3 basic steps that can improve the health situation in Africa:

Scientific education and research:

Africa needs to provide training in drug discovery as well as an opportunity for clinical trials to scientists and physicians. Also, the government should try to provide healthcare programs online to health professionals in rural areas. This will ensure improvement in the delivery of emergency healthcare to people in Africa, especially rural areas.

Develop humanitarian as well as development needs of people:

Just focus on a particular area or sector won’t give many results to a continent like Africa. Thus it needs a multifaceted approach. There is a need to expand coverage for high-priority services for everyone in Africa. Also, the government should focus on improving the socio-economic issues like hunger, drought, displacement and other vulnerabilities of the population.

Improving health infrastructure

Improvement in health infrastructure can solve hundreds of healthcare issues in Africa. Thus Africa needs a proper approach to develop infrastructure in hospitals, clinics as well as primary health centers. For this, the government can take help from international organizations, developed worlds as well as non-profits working for healthcare improvement.

Every stakeholder concerned with improvement in Africa needs to solve this problem through a people-centric approach that will include all the sectors of society.

Even NGOs and international organizations can play a major role in improving the condition of healthcare by Donation of funds, medical devices as well as by providing training to health professionals.

If you are an individual and you think that you are willing to improve the health condition in Africa, try to give donations, unused medical devices, as well as charity gift cards to people of Africa. To donate, you can contact Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation at- www.dembidollo.org